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    SP7 and GPS...I'm defeated!

    I suppose you saw this already:
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    Surface Detach: Hardware Failure

    My fix was to clean the port and blade connectors. That includes blowing air across the ports. If you are using any protective skin or decals, make sure there is no interference with the tight fit along the hinge.
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    Surface Pro 4 Type Cover don't work.

    Okay. Try holding in a key (Windows Key) while connecting the Type Cover. If that doesn't work, try a cold boot, with the type cover attached, and hold in the Windows Key. Just trying to help.
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    Surface Pro 6 not showing resolution for UltraWide 120Hz Monitor

    Should be possible. This sounds like directly contacting a real person at the monitor's manufacturing company is what you should do. Does the monitor work while connected directly the SP6 without a docking station?
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    Surface Pro 4 Type Cover don't work.

    When you turn the type cover backwards and connect, is there any difference?
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    Outlook links

    Yesterday I tried to simulate your issue. During the process, I deliberately deleted my Outlook profile (Settings, search for Control Panel, "Outlook"). After importing a new profile in, hyperlinks were not working. No response at all. This is despite the fact that I imported the profile...
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    Outlook links

    @afbille, we are still trying to get you fixed up. I suspect your file associations or the Windows Registry settings routing them are corrupt on that Surface. I know you have been working this for some time now, but let's try another go, though you may have done this before: Try steps 3 or 4...
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    Outlook links

    What is your default (hyperlink) browser on the Surface? This may be the problem. Try setting to Edge, see if it works. If so, set your default browser back to whatever you had.
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    Outlook links

    Your specific build of Outlook on the Surface must not be the same as on your HP devices.
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    Surface book base doesn’t charge

    You may be in a firmware loop which tries to manage charging, but runs out of juice itself. Let's try this: Leave the base and clipboard plugged in with the white LED on for several hours.
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    Another big win for this aging device, lol

    Great post. The SP6 did well, and now your wife gets that good machine. That makes the SP6 not quite "fanless". Tell us how it goes with the SP8 - I am one of its fans.
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    Microsoft Stylus Pen

    If your Windows 10 PC has a touch screen, then it is possible pen can have some functionality to draw or write. The Microsoft Surface Stylus Pen only uses Bluetooth for the buttons on the pen. Bluetooth is not used for drawing or writing on the screen. For that, an invisible electromagnetic...
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    Cleaning Surface Pro Alcantara

    Oxyclean (or oxidizing stain remover) should work.
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    SP(5) Is DEAD. No - Wait! No, DEAD

    Tape the power button down, and leave it charging all night. Sounds crazy, but not as crazy as the subject you gave this thread.
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    Cleaning Surface Pro Alcantara

    Use very dilute soap solution. No scrubbing with any device. The fibers are delicately layered on.

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