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    Go 2 and Face Recognition

    Lighting situations may be the culprit. Have you been doing the Hello Face setup in the same place? If so, move it to someplace with natural light (indirect sunlight), which has the widest spectrum for the camera. Dim incandescent or fluorescent lighting may have been the problem for...
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    Surfacebook 3 SMB issue

    One thing you could do for now is search for "Windows Features", start that app, and enable all the SMB options.
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    Cover key board only works in UEFI Bios mode.

    Try a cold reboot, but hold down the Windows key on the keyboard. This worked on my SP3 about two years ago. Keyboard came to life (or was recognized).
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    Does anybody else have a hot Surface on the latest firmware?

    No problems on two Surface Book 2 units.
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    Battery problems. Anyone else have these?

    @pissssedoffsurfacebookuse , None of these behaviors is normal, or diagnostic of something that can be repaired. The only hope is that you have a bust in your firmware which may be out of sync between system devices.
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    Windows Hello not working

    Windows Hello would rather I not wear a mask.
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    no internet on wifi

    Make sure you are automatically obtaining an IP address for your nameserver and gateway, etc. See SP2017 i5 won't upload on home network
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    Surface PRO 4 Images

    Many ways. Here's one. 1. Visit 2. Search for "Surface Pro 4" 3. Click "Images" 4. Click "Filter" and choose "Extra Large" Right-click on images you like to download and save.
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    Is this a Swollen battery in the Keyboard area?

    Yikes. Looks like swollen battery indeed.
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    Editing photos on Onedrive

    @kawright is asking how to edit photos on the OneDrive website, . This is a different access technique than an active connection with a Microsoft Account using the OneDrive app. To edit photos on the OneDrive website: 1 Visit 2 Download the photo or Open...
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    How to force Surface to start-up in Tablet Mode ?

    Okay. Seems Windows 10 should respect that setting and boot to tablet mode. Windows 8 (before the Surface Go, of course) could boot to tablet mode with this setting. I will list this as a 'bug' in Windows 10 and post what I find out.
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    How to force Surface to start-up in Tablet Mode ?

    Does this work? Settings, System, Tablet, Change additional tablet settings, Tablet mode
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    surface book 2. Suddenly goes to sleep

    If you are using a Surface Dock for power, unplug it from the wall, then plug back in. The docking stations goes into some kind of dormant state after some time.
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    TouchPad Backward/Forward Navigation Not Working

    How about removing the device and driver using "Device Manager", then rebooting. Could be corrupted or confused, and this will bring in a fresh copy.
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    TouchPad Backward/Forward Navigation Not Working

    Okay. In "Advanced gesture configuration" I have chosen navigation as shown for three fingers. Works perfectly for me in Edge (Version 83.0.478.37 Official build 64-bit) and Chrome (Version 83.0.4103.61 Official Build 64-bit). Tested on both of my Surface Book 2 units (15 inch) with Windows...

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