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    Major update - Major pain in the arse

    I just uninstalled and reinstalled Drawboard. The problem went away.
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    More and More updates as Anniversary approaches

    Couple observations on the anniversary update: - An issue I've had where two finger tap doesn't register and acts as a one finger tap has seemed to go away. I seemed to have this issue about 25% of the time when two finger tapping. - Using the new pen options, opening OneNote 2016 doesn't work...
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    Solved Touchpad SO finicky

    I have an issue where taps to click don't register. It generally happens on links in web browsers. If I tap off the link on something like text then click back on the link, it works. Fully pressing the touchpad always works as a click, but taps are another story... Edit: I should mention this...
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    Finally, Pen Customization!!!

    Now we can make OneNote 2016 open up with a single click. Anyway to make the double click for screen shot open up in OneNote 2016 rather than the touch friendly version? Only thing I can come up with is making it open the Snipping Tool. It would be nice to have it ready to crop like the other...
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    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    My SB didn't go into hibernate last night (set to 60 minutes). I've never had that happen before. I'm not even sure it went to sleep. I believe my battery was at about 50% around midnight. Woke up at 8 with the battery at 10%...
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    SB does not wake from sleep

    Interesting. I'll give it a try next time it happens. Thanks.
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    SB does not wake from sleep

    I just had this problem this morning. Hibernate set for 60 minutes, keyboard lights worked, clipboard would dock and undock, but screen won't turn on. Hadn't touched it for about 12 hours. I'm all up to date for firmware and windows.
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    Pinch to Zoom After Pen Use

    I came across an interesting issue today. When trying to pinch to zoom in the same spot after using the pen, there is a lot of lag. It will either not do anything or it will scroll. I downloaded "multi touch test" from the Windows store to see if it was registering both fingers after using the...
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    SB i5 to i7?

    I've had Office apps crash on my prior device just as much as my I5 SB, so don't depend too much on a device switch to solve that problem. Chrome on the other I haven't had crash this much, but that doesn't happen too often.
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    Solved Anyone Having Issues Getting the TH2 Update?

    So back when I was doing a restore from the USB, I had the option to "reset" windows or do a "recovery" from a USB under the advanced startup>troubleshoot option. Both worked using the SB system image. Anyone know what the difference is? The recover option worked much faster and both seem to...
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    Battery Performance

    Thanks for the replies. I was guessing shortening the time to hibernate was the only option. Guess I'll do that.
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    Battery Performance

    Any way to get better battery life in sleep mode without manually turning off WiFi? When my computer is awake, battery life seems fine, but it drainnquite a bit in sleep. Anyway to turn off connected standby? I saw a registry edit somewhere, but it also removed the regular sleep option.
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    Chrome Crashing

    I have that issue too. Can't speak for any specific sites, but it usually happens within the first 20 seconds of opening. I can't remember it ever happening after its been open for a while.
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    Solved Anyone Having Issues Getting the TH2 Update?

    For anyone who's trying to update, here's a link to the older MCT with 1511 update. I did a clean install, ran the SB firmware and windows update and haven't ran into any issues yet. It doesn't show the option for Windows 10 Pro, but mine is still the pro version after update. I'm still getting...
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    Repeated Firmware Updates

    This is happening to me for the 11/18 update.

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