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    Use Bitlocker or not?

    I use bitlocker on external usb hard drives. Thought being if they got stolen, at least the data encrypted. Interesting specs from unruledboy on degradation due to bitlocker.
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    SSD - How Much Life Is Left?

    You're welcome.
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    SSD - How Much Life Is Left?

    Hey Kayzee, I have one of the original surface pro's with the 128gig SSD. Since purchasing the pro, I put together (literally) a new desktop machine using a mitx form factor motherboard (9.25" square) and I choose SSD's for storage. The computer is fast and although the cooling fans run a bit...
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    SSD - How Much Life Is Left?

    Does someone know if a tool exists for the surface pro that will indicate how much of the SSD's life is left? Thanks.
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    So long everyone :-)

    Wow, sounds cool. Thanks for the mini-review!
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    SP2 Micro SD card

    Yep, mine is pretty easy to take out too..... oops, on the SP, not SP2.
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    Bluetooth mouse will MURDER your WIFI speed!

    Wow, unfortunately there are still problems in this area. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Surface Pro 10/4/2013 Firmware Update

    I tried the update but for my astronomical software, OpenGL failed. I had to roll back the driver. Nice find thought.
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    Bluetooth Mouse Recommendation?

    > There is now a Surface Edition Arc Touch Mouse Yea, I saw this too, will have to see how small it is.
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    Pre order or store order?

    I thought about a SP2 but am dragging my feet for wanting to see what other manufactures bring out. So the original SP will do fine for the next several months
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    Bluetooth Mouse Recommendation?

    Ha, sounds good. My T630 came yesterday from Amazon.... it's a keeper. I've tried many Bluetooth mice and its the best so far. Two thumbs-up:shocked:
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    Surface Pro 2 battery - user replaceable????

    Just got my Logitech t630 in the mail. Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 for Windows 8 Touch Gestures (910-003825): Computers & Accessories Ha, the directions tell you how to take it apart to remove the rechargeable battery:cool: for safe disposal. Unfortunately they don't...
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    Who is pre-ordering? And which model are you pre-ordering?

    Not me. I will be looking at other manufactures 8.1 tablets though.... compare with the pro. Otherwise there is still plenty of life left in mine. I would also want to hear if wi-fi/Bluetooth/open gl issues, etc., have been resolved.... hello forums. Or if there are new issues. Time will tell.

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