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    Scaling Problem

    You could try creating a .manifest file for the application as shown on this link for Adobe Photoshop: Adobe App Scaling on High DPI Displays (FIX) - Dan Antonielli
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    SP4 us version in the uk

    Also don't forget to take into account import duties etc.
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    Solved Fast SD Card Recommendation

    I have tried both a Samsung 64Gb Pro UHS-I, which is rated at 90Mb read/80Mb write, and a Lexar 128Gb Professional UHS-II, which is rated at 150Mb/s read. On my SP4, both the cards max out at about 85Mb/s read speed when using the internal SD card slot. I have pushed the Lexar to 140Mb/s or so...
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    20% per hour battery drain with light useage. Normal?

    I also found out (since my SP3 days) that running background apps like Viber causes significant battery drain (battery bar is a useful tool for quickly seeing the effects of closing various apps). When I need battery life, I now close a number of background apps including Viber, dropbox...
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    SP4 and Windows 10 ...MS read and FIX!!

    I have had my i5/8gb/256gb since October (UK model). I had one freeze from standby in the first day or so, requiring a hard reboot. At that point, I read up about the standby issues and changed the sleep to hibernate. Since then, I've also been fortunate not to have had any issues, and...
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    Dell 34" curved monitor

    I have used my i5/256 Gb on that monitor for a while via the mini display port but without the dock - works fine.
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    Search not finding items it should find

    I came across this in one of the preview builds, and managed to resolve it by manually updating the indexing locations (for some reason, the start menu folders were not being indexed following an upgrade on that build).
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    Windows 10 and battery life

    You can still disable background for these apps via Settings/Battery Saver/Battery Use.
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    Clicking from speakers

    I haven't tried this, but you could try the info here:
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Is the automatic hibernate after 4 hours of sleep/connected standby working for any of you?
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    Clicking from speakers

    Sorry, I use reboot and restart interchangeably! So, yes restart.
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    Clicking from speakers

    The clicking comes back whenever there is an auto update by Windows. Going through the delete process again resolves the matter until the next update (unless you are on manual updates). I'm hoping the new Windows 10 hide driver tool can stop the auto-update.
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    Audio Popping via Headphone Jack?

    The only way I managed to get rid of this problem was by: Uninstalling Realtek driver (making sure to tick the "Delete the driver software" option) Do a rescan of devices, following which it finds and installs "High Definition Audio Device". This stops the popping noise on my SP3. However, it...
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    Some comments on Surface Pro 3

    Each user's usage pattern and therefore experience is of course different. For myself, I have been using my SP3 since it first came out. I've lost track of the number of long haul flights I've used the SP3 on, without ever having either the type cover or the SP3 fall off. Although definitely not...
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    Clicking from speakers

    I managed to resolve mine by uninstalling the Realtek driver (selecting delete driver option). Once rebooted, it automatically installed the HD Audio driver instead of the Realtek one. This seems to have resolved the clicking issue.

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