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    Using USB-C to charge

    I've found a Samsung 25W charger that works with my Go 2. In the UK it's the EP-TA800 and there were several eBay vendors with them. It needs a USB C to USB C cable but the vendors all offered this as an option. If you're not in the UK (or ROI) I suspect the TA800 part is what you need to look for.
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    Third-party pens?

    Thanks. I had a firm recommendation from someone on another forum so I'm going with that. Should have it by the end of the week. The Go2 arrived and I've installed my usual standard set of software so it's ready to go. It's not hugely better than the Galaxy Book but 8/128 makes life a lot easier...
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    Using USB-C to charge

    Yes, it has a detachable keyboard. I'm not at all sure there's a new model of the 10.6 so they should all have detachable keyboards. I'm moving to a Go 2 (should be delivered later today) as the main limitations of the Book are 4GB RAM & 64GB SSD.
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    Using USB-C to charge

    The charger for my Galaxy Book which is a very similar device to the Go is rated at 5.0V-9.0V 2.0A so I think your Fire charger might still be a bit weak to effectively charge your Go. USB C charging is really slow when the charger can only output 5V. I have a variety of 45W and 65W chargers...
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    Go Micro-SD Capacity Limit?

    No, not supported but a UHS-II card should work at UHS-I speeds.
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    Third-party pens?

    I ordered a Surface Go 2 this afternoon to replace my Samsung Galaxy Book and I'm hoping it will arrive tomorrow. I also have a keyboard on order. However, I'm not likley to use a pen that much so the price of Microsoft's offering is rather more than I want to pay. So I started looking at...
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    Hoping to be an owner sometime tomorrow.

    I ordered a Go 2 this afternoon to replace my Galaxy Book and I'm hoping it will arrive tomorrow. I have a query about pens so I wondered if there was a dedicated Surface forum. Google told me there was so here I am.

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