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    Got a dumb question... About purchasing a Surface

    Thats good to hear... it's not the only reason why, they have flex pay so I can cut my payments into smaller ones, which is very nice to have.
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    Got a dumb question... About purchasing a Surface

    I know this may sound uncool, but I usually like to buy a lot of my electronics on HSN... Just because they have a a great return policy, not that I would need to return the surface, but if there is a defect due to shipping or whatever HSN will just replace it without any hassle. Anyways my...
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    Why no pre-order statement yet for the pro?

    Just curious why hasn't MS put out a date when we can start pre-ordering the pro? We are two weeks away from the beginning of January and still no word... Has anyone else have a rumored date for pre-orders?
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    Microsoft Shares the Love With Their Employees: Free Surface Tablets and More

    If I become a full time janitor there, does that mean I can have one too?
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    So What Do You Think of the BIG Rumor Going Around? $199.00 for the RT

    Just like the topic says? What do you think, is it some ghastly rumor that is so far fetched that it is unthinkable, or does it hold some validity and Microsoft is holding an ace up their sleeve and is going to make a big SPLASH in the tablet market? Your thoughts...
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    So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?

    As we already know by looking at the spec, 3g isn't going to be added in the first gen of tablets. Do you think this will hurt Microsoft success, or is it just a feature you can live without? Let me know what you think!
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    Snippet Video of the Microsoft Surface Presentation Shows the Tablet Freezing Up

    He was a little nervous even getting on the stage, but he did fine, he the the prototype froze, he did get a little freaked out, but he got it together and grabbed the other prototype and finished his demo.
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    Top 5 Killer Apps

    you know that poses a good question, will their be bloatware on it? I sure hope MS is smart of enough to not add that crap, or your going to have a lot of unhappy consumers. Then your going to have some Dev rooting the surface to remove all that crap. Anyways my type five apps: 1)MS Office...
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    Apple iPad vs Microsoft Surface

    IMO I do believe the the Surface will steal a lot of the Ipad users based on it current capabilities, but not only it's current capabilities, but what they have brewing in the near future. You have to remember they showed you what it can do now, (which is my opinion blows away Ipad out of the...
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    What Titles?

    Ben you're right, it is the Tegra 3 processor... very nice... should get some good gaming out of it, and I am hope the integrate Xbox Smart Glass
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    What about battery life?

    Sounds like that's the norm for most tablets, which is good for me, my Surface 8 will be used for work purpose's with some entertainment use off and on. Just in case I tend to use it more, Ill have a couple of chargers one for work and one for home. : )
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    What Titles?

    Hmmm you might be right, I'll do some research
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    Which will you get Surface 8 or Surface RT?

    Well this is will be my very first tablet EVER, I am not apple fan, so I was never impressed by any of their tablets, I can super close on purchasing the Motorola Xoom, with Android. I am a big supporter of the Android products, but I felt like it was missing something and that it was just an OK...
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    What about battery life?

    I'm curious to know what the battery life is going to be for both flavors, has anyone heard any word on battery life for the RT and Win8 Tablet?
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    What Titles?

    Well since it has the Integra 2 vid in it, some of the Xbox arcade games would be nice... Torchlight2 would be cool to have on there

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