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    Surface Pro 2 Chinese edition with Euro recovery + wireless info

    I am posting this here as I have seen a few threads online relating to the Chinese version of the SPro2 and getting English on it. This may help some expats living in China wanting to buy this device but hesitant because of the Chinese software. A little background first - I had some issues...
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    Several problems (external display) with New Surface Pro 2

    MickeyLittle, that link doesn't work! I actually went to the Intel site and downloaded the 4400 driver I believe. It definitely made things worse for me. However, I decided to do a complete reinstall using the recovery options in the settings and it's made quite a difference. I still have...
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    Several problems (external display) with New Surface Pro 2

    Any suggestions as to which brand of cable to buy? If I can't find the MS version here, I'd like to buy one that has a good reputation. I could easily buy one of the Apple mini DP->HDMI... would that work or is there something in the hardware that makes it only work on Apple products?
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    Several problems (external display) with New Surface Pro 2

    Hey guys, I just bought a SP2 and am having some problems. It's primary use will be connected to my TV as a media center with the option of unplugging it and using it as a laptop away from home (4-5 times a week). So, I picked up a 128gb at BestBuy (MS Store was sold out). They were sold...

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