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    Surface Purchase Experience

    Best buy or as I call it Best Try (again) is a joke, though they are in financial trouble also, I could only imagine why. Luckily when I bought mine there the guy knew what it was at least.
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    Return for Pro...How Many?

    The rumor is half the battery life of the RT, that's enough right there that I'm not interested. At that point just give me a touchscreen ultrabook with 7-8 hours of battery not 4-5
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    Does Anyone Else Have This Issue.......?

    It's hard to beat a pair of Sennheiser HD-650's though a nice amp, but the Surface doesn't have enough push to power then correctly; on the other hand my Denon D-5000's sound great out of the Surface which surprised me. If you want good Bluetooth headphones, buy a Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth...
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    Surface seems little bended?

    If you notice, at least on mine I can see bent reflections in the glass on the front near the bottom also, near the windows button.
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    I do, I can't believe how well the touch cover works. It's a marvel of engineering.
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    Microsoft Surface RT Videos (Reviews, Tips, Apps)

    Got a little review I made.
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    Hello from Chicagoland! Picked up a 32GB surface with touch cover from Best Buy. Really loving the thing. Came from the Apple side of things, still own an iPad, but my phone is a WP8 Lumia 920 now also, Microsoft is finally coming around.

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