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    Update has knocked off keyboard and touchpad. Any ideas?

    Hey guys, My surface book has been flawless up until its update on the 20th. I received a message saying the usb couldn't be recognised after the update and the keyboard and touchpad have both become non responsive when connected. I have tried updating drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling...
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    Surface Book Advice

    Looking around about 700-800 for the spec, they dont really go much lower than that on ebay atm, even if i was to use it for 6 months i cant see losing that much money on it. I got this mac to do my work on but alot of it is MS based in labs so hard to complete most without my gaming pc...
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    Surface Book Advice

    my 2012 Macbook is in need of a upgrade so i'm deciding to go down the route of a surface book. I had a look at the Surface pro but i think the bigger screen will help me better for what i'm using it for. I cant afford a new one but i have manage to agree a 2016 Surface Book with i5 8Gb and...

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