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    my thoughts after getting a droid

    You know, I agree with this. Microsoft is so behind the game when it comes to mobile. Throwing stuff at the wall doesn't really matter at this point. I think at this point in the game it's a sinking ship no matter how you look at it. You have to look at the following... HARDWARE, SOFTWARE...
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    my thoughts after getting a droid

    Hmmm, so why bother making more devices. I just don't get the reasoning here. I mean, I DO get it, if you stop developing devices then the entire thing will just dry up and die. But then again, you can only stoke a dead fire so much, know what I'm saying? The 640 was an amazing device when it...
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    my thoughts after getting a droid

    Is there a reason why there is what seems to be a lack of development/lack of developers on board for Windows Mobile Support. I owned a 635 and 640. I also own a Galaxy Note 4, Note 5, S6 and LG G4 from the android camp. And from the iphone camp I own a 6 plus. MS seems to have the worst...

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