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    DVD Converter

    Huh? The OP wants software to rip a DVD. Handbrake is a video transcoder and can't rip encrypted DVDs. I use DVD Catalyst for most DVDs but since it's no longer actively being developed (I believe the author had legality issues) there are DVDs coming along that DVD Catalyst can't handle so...
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    Who plans to buy a HoloLens as soon as a retail version becomes available?

    Yeah, that's it, I'm technophobic.;) Another technology that has a long way to go before it's of any value. HoloLens might be useful in certain applications, such as in the medical and engineering fields, but has no practical use for me. I wouldn't buy it simply because it's a cool parlor trick.
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    Who plans to buy a HoloLens as soon as a retail version becomes available?

    Nope. In fact, I'm not particularly excited about HoloLens period.
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    Windows 10. Love it or hate it?

    I neither love it or hate it. I only upgraded one of my machines (an old netbook I had laying around) the upgrade went fine and is running fine. I have no intention of upgrading my SP3 or my other Win 7 and Win 8.1 machines since there's nothing compelling in Win 10 to make me want to upgrade...
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    What does everyone think of Edge?

    I don't really care for it. IMO, it's not ready for Prime Time but could evolve into a decent browser.
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    Poll Windows 10 - Yes - No - Maybe

    I voted that I'm sticking with Win 8.1. Don't see any benefit to moving my SP3 to Win 10.
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    9 Reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10 -- yet

    You see no value add to upgrading...
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    5 ways Windows RT is better than full Windows

    It isn't free software though, you paid for it as part of the purchase price when when you bought the Surface. You're not really that naive are you?
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    Anyone else have no interest in upgrading their SP3 to Win 10?

    I personally don't find anything particularly compelling about Win 10. I don't plan to take advantage of the free upgrade even though I have multiple machines that are eligible. My SP3 works perfectly fine with Win 8 so I don't plan to switch the OS (I say switch since I don't consider Win 10...
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    Anyone else have no interest in upgrading their SP3 to Win 10?

    I have been using the Win 10 Tech Previews since they first became available and I see nothing in Win 10 that makes me want to upgrade my SP3. Anybody else not planning to upgrade?
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    Reserve your copy of 10

    I have the KB installed and consider myself lucky that I don't see the "Get Windows 10" upgrade notification on my SP3 (no plans to upgrade to Win 10). On other machines of mine I saw the upgrade notification and, IMO, the easiest way to disable it, should you want to, is to go into the...
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    The secret weapon of the Surface 3: Micro USB

    Having the micro USB for charging is nothing new or unique but what MS did that was smart was to include a full size USB port as well. There are other Windows tablets that use micro USB for charging BUT it's often the ONLY USB port. In the case of the Dell Venue 8 Pro that I had prior to my...
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    Would you convert to an iPad Pro and replace your SP3?

    Nope. Not until I can run all of my Windows software on the iPad. My Sp3 is a Windows computer first and a tablet 2nd.
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    Poll Touchpad vs Mouse for desktop use?

    Definitely mouse. I hate touchpads and will only use one if a mouse is not available.
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    Mad Catz M.O.U.S. 9 Bluetooth Mouse

    I have 3 of the MS Sculpt Comfort mice and really like them. The Start button is also "swipeable" and , if you install the MS software (MS Mouse and Keyboard Center) , customizable to an extent. I have it set so that swiping up/down with my thumb does back/forward on my browser. There are...

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