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    External Keyboard with similar touch to my Surface

    My docketing station has a Logitech keyboard attached and I find myself using the keyboard on my Surface instead. I was looking for a keyboard with a similar touch to the Surface keyboard and was wondering what others liked.
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    Sprint LTE Surface Pro Deal with Unlocked Surface

    I had problems with Sprint because their database wouldn't clear MSN. I wound up going with Teltik's tablet plan for $30 a month with unlimited LTE for my Surface. It was a little more, but it also includes 5 gigs a month in Canada which is important to me because I live close to the border...
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    What's new/changed with Surface Pro 6?

    What is going on with the LTE models on the 6?>
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    Sprint LTE Surface Pro Deal with Unlocked Surface

    Sprint is offering an unlimited deal f,or $15 a month which seems to be: (a) 23 gigs before deprioritization ; (b) unlimited 480+ video (not counted by prioritization); unlimited music (not count by prioritization); and, (c) 10 gigs of hotspot data. I'm currently paying $50 for 10 gigs of...
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    Power Bank to charge up Surface Pro (Cygnett)

    While I would would pay the $99, the 35,000 amp rating makes it over the legal limits for airplanes. I think the original poster was asking whether you could go: USB C Compatible Power Bank==> USB C Adapter => Surface
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    Surface 3 screen cracked

    I made exactly the same journey (Surface 3) to Surface Pro LTE and love the journey. I still like my Surface 3 and may use it is a travel machine on occasion. It simply didn't have any resale value. I went with the Surface Pro to streamline the number of devices I have. I hacked a copy of...
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    Surface Go section?

    I think the Surface Go has a market with LTE.i think it is a great machine for traveling, as a second machine to carry around with you and more. I used to have a Surface 3 with LTE (still have it on the shelf), but recently upgraded to a Surface Pro LTE. I travel a lot and the 3 was my travel...
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    Android on Surface Pro5

    I am using the Memu emulator. I replaced the loader with the Nova loader.
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    Text Messaging on an LTE Surface

    I have a TMobile LTE SIM in my Surface which also gives me unlimited text messaging. I would love to be able to send outbound texts, but can't figure out how to do so. Inbound texts go to the messaging app, but I can't figure out how to enable the outbound messages. I think I need to input...
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    How I Got More Bang-for-the-Buck out of Surface 3

    It really depends on what your main applications are. It should never be your only computer. You should figure out what your main applications and usage are, create a spec sheet and go from there. Samsung is in the process of releasing a new Surface competitor with a Core-M and global LTE...
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    How I Got More Bang-for-the-Buck out of Surface 3

    As an attorney who bills by the hour, I can tell you that machine has paid for itself. Are there days I wish I had a Surface 4 Pro i7 with a terabyte, 16 gigs of ram? Absolutely! The machine, however, ways no more than iPad and can be both my entertainment when I am not under the gun and a...
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    How I Got More Bang-for-the-Buck out of Surface 3

    I don't think the machine can be my main machine, but it is my morning coffee machine, take to a meeting, take on a business trip/vacation, take to court, use at night while watching tv machine, and take to bed to read a book machine. It has replaced my iPad 3 and Macbook Air 2011. I have an...
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    Surface 3 or Surface Pro 4?

    I could be wrong, but it also looks like the LTE modem is locked to Verizon. I hate it when the provider takes a kickback (ok, "facilitation payment") from cellular carriers to limit your choice on a device you pull full freight for for. I purchased the Surface 3 (and a 4 Pro was in the...
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    Surface 3 as all in one machine

    I am also a lawyer. (Please, no "first kill all the lawyers" jokes). I bought a Surface 3 LTE to be my "not at the desk machine." I have a home and office i5 Macs with large amounts of ram. I wanted something that I could replace both my Mac Air 11 inch notebook and my iPad 3 for trips...
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    LTE Surface and Text Messaging

    TMobile gives me unlimited text messaging from my Surface. I have no problem seeing the inbound text messages in Skype but for the life of me can't figure out how to send one. Do I need to set an SMS center in Skype? Would a third party app work better? What app would that be? I'm not using...

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