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    SP with touch over issues

    I notice that when the surface and the touch cover is laying fully on a flat surface, it is much easier to type on, though my hands do hurt a little after typing :P
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    Surface Camera issue

    What are some good apps for the Surface that can utilize the camera without the camera being open? I do video logs foryoutube and sometimes I need to use the back camera and want to not be in the Microsoft camera app(I may want to swipe to music or the browser) but when I swipe,it...
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    SP with touch over issues

    So I brought my SP and love it dearly and I got the touch cover but I rarely use it. I had been using a usb keyboard and it worked well...till yesterday when spilled milk/cereal all over it(thank god it was the keyboard and not the surface.) Anyway, the keyboard no longer works for whatever...
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    Problem updating my Surface..Error code 8024200D

    So I have been trying in vain to update my Surface to the 8.1 update. I have no idea what in the world is going on. I'll go check for the update, hit install and then it'll say it is downloading. After awhile it'll say Preparing to install and start loading. Only then it'll say "There was a...
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    Surface Pro 2 video Apps

    Hey guys(and girls), I was wondering if someone could recommend me some good video editing apps? I am looking to start a youtube show/channel of my own and learn about video editing but i am not sure what the best types of Video Editing apps are. Free would be GREAT but it doesn't...
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    Lenovo or Surface: Which do you recommend?

    I think i'll probably stick with Surface...While I like the look and design of the Lenovo, i think the weight and bigger screen might be a bit uncomfortable to try and use it as a tablet and E-reader.
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    Lenovo or Surface: Which do you recommend?

    I figured i'd ask this question here(And on another forum I also frequent occasionally). I am looking at the SP2 or Lenovo Yoga 11s. I have never owned a lenovo product before so I can't say much about their quality and customer support and all that good stuff. I have owned a Surface RT so i...
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    I kind of regret my Surface Pro 2 purchase & putting faith into Microsoft

    I am aware of that lol i keep up with Windows Phone news daily(WPcentral) :P But Nokia as we know them now was the one who made the 1020, not microsoft hence why i suggested it :) I am so sorry to hear the OP had such a bad time/experience with Microsoft & the surface. I always get nervous when...
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    Should i always leave my Surface CHarging?

    Thanks i appreciate both your help! :)
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    I kind of regret my Surface Pro 2 purchase & putting faith into Microsoft

    Sorry about your bad luck with the surface, but as a Nokia 1020 former owner(now nokia 1520) you can't go wrong with the lumia 1020 :D It is my favorite phone to date and it is a Nokia product, not Microsoft so any issues you may have with microsoft likely won't pop up with Nokia and i hear...
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    Should i always leave my Surface CHarging?

    I heard awhile back from my dad that leaving my laptop on the charger all the time would kill my battery's overall live...Is it a bad idea to leave my Surface on the charger all the time, during use and when it is not in use or will it kill the battery's lifetime?
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    Why Did You Buy Your Surface Pro and How Do You Use It?

    I got my surface rt back in February and although I love it because it was my first tablet, it was too slow for me. Browsing was laggy and launching of apps was as well. My boyfriend and I originally decided to go with the Surface 2 as a replacement but they are literally sold out...
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    Surface Product Placement :)

    Has anyone seen any product placement in TV shows for the new Tablets? I was watching Rachel Ray the other day(not by choice lol....i couldn't find the remote and i was too lazy to change the channel manually through the box itself lol) and I saw the Surface 2/Pro? I am not sure which it...
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    Mail APp and Attachments on Surface RT with windows 8.1

    I am rather disappointed with my RT. I never had this issue on Windows 8 but for whatever reason my Surface Will not download attachments from email. I have had a few people send me pictures to my email from our Halloween get together and partying this weekend and I hit download and it...

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