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    Ballmer reflects on time with Microsoft: ‘I’m big, I’m bald and I’m loud’

    Geez, NOW I Like the Guy! Funny, but I've gained a lot more respect for Steve Ballmer since he's announced his retirement. It seems like he's now finally figured out a long term vision for Microsoft, albeit a tad late. Being late to the mobile party, however, doesn't necessarily mean things...
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    With killing spree looming, Elop’s rivals at Microsoft strike first

    I can't help but get the feeling that Microsoft is in for another decade or so filled with management power struggles, departmental infighting, and generally bad decision making as a result, if the board sticks with an MS "insider." With all the attempts by Steve Ballmer recently to change the...
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    Panasonic Reveals Insane 20-inch Tablet with 4K Resolution Display

    Is this for real, or is it April 1st? Who in their right minds would want to lug this thing around? Sorry, If this is Panasonic's idea of staying relevant, they should stick with appliances.
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    Surface single most popular Windows 8 device

    Couldn't agree more. The Surface is the "halo device" for Win8/RT, but won't succeed if the OEMs are still thinking along the lines of building mediocre hardware and making profits by slashing costs (and therefore quality) and competing in, "the race to the bottom." One would think the OEMs...
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    [Rumor] Windows 8 Misses Sales Expectations, but Nokia Lumia 920 Exceeds Them

    I have been bringing my Surface to work, and everybody, everybody was fascinated with it. It was the same reaction I got when I bought the first iPad; people genuinely want to get their hands on it and unravel its mysteries. When was the last time that happened in the PC world? Microsoft needs...
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    Steve Ballmer confirms Microsoft's intentions to produce more hardware

    It will be interesting to see how Microsoft's plan unfolds. On one hand, MS is competing with their partners (Dell, Samsung, etc), the very companies that license Windows. On the other hand, MS has the opportunity to showcase Windows 8 and future releases in the very best hardware. Hopefully...
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    Is the Surface RT Tablet a Good Buy?

    Hi! This is just my opinion, based on my experience with the Surface RT so far: All the reviews seem to be correct; both the good and the bad. The Surface is a contradiction. For everything that has annoyed me so far, there is an equally pleasing user experience. In fact, if this wasn't such a...
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    Hello! Just Picked Up My New Surface

    Hello, Everyone. Went to the Microsoft Store that recently opened in my area to see the new Surface, and bought one after only about ten minutes. I am fascinated with this unique new device, and I wonder if the Surface will have an impact on both the tablet and laptop markets. I'm sure that...

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