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    Surface pro 4 screen shake, freeze, horizontal lines across the screen

    Guys it is purely software. I did a windows reinstall through the recovery without deleting my files and updated and it was fixed.
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    Surface pro 4 screen shake, freeze, horizontal lines across the screen

    Guys something was broken with the latest update. I sort of have not had this issue reoccur since replying the day after I replied to this thread. Mind you though, it would appear after a lot of use and a decent amount of heat building up (while charging and using it intensively) which, since it...
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    Surface pro 4 screen shake, freeze, horizontal lines across the screen

    Hey there. My SP4 m3 has the same problem. I have it since last March and it has been flawless... up until two days ago when I started having the same exact issues. I tried resetting with keeping my files cause I don't really want another fully fresh start. It didn't work. However since I...
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    Battery Life, is this normal?

    well just continue doing what you are doing until the battery falls to nearly 0 and see how many hours you got. For me the first half hour I turn it on it would go to 90-89%. Then steadily decline based on my usage.
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    Battery Life, is this normal?

    Well mine was clearly brand new and the upper grey part was unglued from both sides from the moment I unpacked it so I wouln't expect something better from a refurb unit.
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    A few questions about the Sp4

    I downgraded from i5,8gb,256 just because of the fan noise. If there is a fan it will come on at some point and even if it does not then after gathering some dust and dirt when it does come on it will be loud.. Edit: For me it would come on while charging and watching a movie at times, or...
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    Battery Life, is this normal?

    I really liked your post but to be honest the devices are by themselves unique in the way they work. I have spent countless hours reading through this forum and reddit posts and comments about the user's issues, experiences, reports etc. Even the hardware varies in the way it works. Some sp4s...
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    Surface Pro 4 firmware/hardware updates 4/19/2016

    something messed up with my machine... cortana wasn't working, tried everything, tried resetting stuck at 7%. Had to recover using USB...
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    Surface Pro 4 firmware/hardware updates 4/19/2016

    I 'm having trouble with Cortana now.. She crashes everytime I try to tell her something.. Any ideas on how to fix it?
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    SP4 plus free dock

    Guys I am looking to buy a SP4 for my brother and someone posted on reddit that there is a promo code for subscribers to MS deals for SP4 10% Off + free dock. If someone who doesn't need it could message me his would be a massive help! Thanks :)
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    Cortana on Android

    To do that on an android phone I need to use a US card to register with my account which I do not have! At least that's what I 've been reading around!
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    Cortana on Android

    Not sure if I should post this here.. Anyhow, is there anyone that could provide us with the .apk of Cortana Android app? Being in the UK means that we don't have access to Cortana through the play store yet.. :(
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    Help! Type cover key fell off!

    Sonetimes I really wonder what apple products forums look like to be honest :D
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    skype heating issue

    Hello guys Quick question. Skype is making my machine very hot and my fan goes crazy every time. Do you get this as well?
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    How to make the i5/i7 SP4 fanless

    Is skype heating up your devices as well? My fan goes crazy every time I use Skype

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