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    What if Microsoft had waited?

    The SB was the machine that brought me as a long time Apple laptop purchaser to the platform. I got mine on launch day, and while it's pretty solid now and I really like the machine as it is today the early experience was definitely sub par. I'm going to be a little less likely to trust any of...
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    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    Sorry to hear... I don't have Photoshop so can't help unfortunately. Hopefully your issues will be addressed soon.
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    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    Mine has been solid since this update. Haven't seen any more display issues so fingers crossed we may now be where we should be.
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    Samsung vs Toshiba SSD (now with poll)

    Have we seen any reports of Toshiba drives in anything other than review units?
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    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    OK - update - detaching and re-attaching the tablet from the base fixed the issue. Now showing up and says it's working normally.
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    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    Well, it appears that this update has effectively disabled my GPU... It doesn't show up in device manager, you have to show hidden devices for it to appear, and then it says that this device isn't connected to your computer and says "Code 45" Can someone else with a GPU check and see if theirs...
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    Glad I decided to keep my Surface Book

    Much improved after the batch of software/firmware updates. I did have one specific issue early on where Cortana was using a ton of battery life when set to always on, but with that off and with the updates I've not felt that battery life has been an issue for a while. Using battery saver from...
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    After a few days with the new Intel 520 beta driver - excellent results so far!

    Presumably these new drivers should make it into a forthcoming update from Microsoft?
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    Glad I decided to keep my Surface Book

    I had a fair few of the issues reported here on the forum and I came very, very close to returning mine while it was still in the return window. With that said, MS has done a pretty good job in pushing out updates and fixes and I'm now very happy with the SB. It's my first Windows laptop for...
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    11 tips for Surface Book/Surface 4

    Hi all, first post here as I just got my i7/512gb Surface Book yesterday. I'm very, very happy with it so far and fortunately haven't experienced any of the issues that a few other new owners have posted. I was always a big Mac guy and this machine pulled me over from what would have been a...

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