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    Best Custom power plan?

    So my son broke my trusty Surface pro, luckily I did the extend warranty plan so MS replaced it but not all my setting transferred over. I had a custom power plan that worked well but can;t find it. So what are the best options to change to get the most battery life? I've already adjust...
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    Why HD 4000 drivers from Microsoft are Outdated ?

    I can't install the newer intel drivers, after allowing the intel site to scan my surface and dl the drivers I launch it and it says the drivers aren't meant for my hardware. If I uninstall the current drivers and try and install the new drivers it says my pc does not meet the requirements...
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    Hardware updates keep reapplying

    About every week or so the hardware update will reapply from windows update. Anyone else have this issue? It has been doing this about 6 months now
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    can't pair nokia lumia 928 to surface pro

    My 920 and Surface pro did the same thing, connects and then instantly disconnects
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    Anyone waiting for the Manvex Surface Pro Cover

    That's cool was just curious, for me i paid for the MS warranty and have opted for ghost armour on the sides and back and a case to carry it when transporting it from place to place, but when used I have been fine with the kick stand and type cover by itself.
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    Anyone waiting for the Manvex Surface Pro Cover

    Wondering what the point of this is? Seems to just add some bulk to the SP. I'm going with ghost armor for protection as opposed to a bulky cover. That's what i like about the Surface it is fully functional without the need for a bulk keyboard\cover
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    Best Handwriting to text app?

    What is the name of the app?
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    Best Handwriting to text app?

    I tried in the free version and their is no option to convert handwriting to text that I could find. Wish their was maybe a 5$ app on the windows store that could do this, I'm not interested in going full on paid Office just for this one feature.
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    Best Handwriting to text app?

    I've used the free one note, not the paid office. So is their no free app that can do this? Seems like a pretty simple thing but I'm not having much luck here, the free metro one note has no way to convert to text that I have found. Journal is a pain with the lasso stuff and after it's done it...
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    Best Handwriting to text app?

    I have a Surface Pro I'd like a stand alone program to write in and literally hit one button when I'm done to convert my handwriting to text. I don't like doing that through the default keyboard as it disrupts the writing flow. so, I open program I write in it, I hit a button and everything...
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    Best Handwriting to text app?

    I'm looking for a free and simple app that will convert handwriting to text as simply as possible. Tried onenote and evernote and not sure they will work for what I need. I just need a notepad looking app that I write in then hit a button and it is now text. So far I have not found anything that...
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    Why Did You Buy Your Surface Pro and How Do You Use It?

    I had a win7 tablet before the surface, had one since 2009 right after win7 came out and knew the Surface would be a great upgrade to my old windows tablet. I use it mainly for couch surfing but need a full pc experience, I use it as my portable audio player, stream dlna using media monkey...
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    April 9th SP Firmware Upgrade

    It didn't for me my stayed the newest ones after all the updates, only last month update did that for me.
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    Best USB GPS reciever for the Surface Pro

    Doesn't the surface already have built in GPS?
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    New IMPROVED HD 4000 Graphics Driver on the way from Intel this week.

    The main issue is if you have auto updates and you install these drivers it will think you no longer have the March 28th hardware update, then it will reinstall the hardware update and remove the video drivers. You can turn that off but I'm not sure if installing the video drivers changes...

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