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    A Fan noise while charging

    As most already know, this is a known issue that MS is working on. I read somewhere that it's planned to be resolved in early 2016. For now, I've changed my SB to use hibernation instead of sleep. It's annoying to have to hit the power button after opening it, but it's a small price to pay...
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    Bluetooth mouse will MURDER your WIFI speed!

    Ha... A few minutes after posting my previous post, I tried something that has completely fixed my bluetooth issues! All I did was go into device manager and uninstall every bluetooth driver underneath the main bluetooth container. Once bluetooth completely disappeared from the list of...
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    Bluetooth mouse will MURDER your WIFI speed!

    Yep, this is still happening to me, with my LG HBS-730. Ever since 8.1, whenever I am watching videos on any youtube app, the video slows to a crawl. It doesn't stop and spool up, it actually slows down so that it plays 1-3 frames per second without any sound or anything like that. Sooooo...
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    Both and not working properly in IE11 on my Surface RT

    This exact thing was happening to me as well, but it's all fixed now. There were a few updates I just installed, so my guess is one of them might have fixed it?
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    IE 11 and Google

    Yep, I have this exact same issue. It works fine in any other browser, but is broken in the Metro and desktop version of IE.
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    Bluetooth mouse will MURDER your WIFI speed!

    Ugh.... I've just verified that this also happens with my bluetooth LG earphones. Looks like it might be a general bluetooth/WiFi issue. I ran the speedtest app (I know, not the greatest test) and without my earphone connected, I'd get 30down and 6up (which is what I should have). With my...
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    Surface Pro 2 - Who's Waiting for It?

    EXACTLY this.
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    Windows 8.1 Smaller Display option not sticking

    Well, between this and the horrid wifi issues I was having, I finally restored my SP to it's former glory. I hope 8.1 will be fully baked when it finally releases because as it stands all the naggling headaches offset the nifty stuff it does for the SP.
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    Surface Pro Doesn't Include Office?!

    I have 365 as well and everything about it is well-worth the cost for me. I have 3 children and 4 computers (including my SP). It's so nice to be able to load office on any device I have.
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    Windows 8.1 Smaller Display option not sticking

    Ha... Well thanks anyway guys. This forum is always the first place I look for answers to any issues. Hopefully something this simple will be fixed soon.
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    Windows 8.1 Smaller Display option not sticking

    Lots of views and no responses... Hmmm...
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    Windows 8.1 Smaller Display option not sticking

    Just wondering if anyone else has an issue with changing the display setting to "smaller" and it not sticking after a reboot, or even in between sleep sessions. It's really the only naggling issue I've been having with Windows 8.1 that I can't figure out how to make stick! It's in...
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    8.1 and row tiles issue, only in SP or 8.1 in general?

    I have this same issue... hopefully there will be a patch for it soon.
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    HALO: Spartan Assault comes in July

    Weird... I can look at in in the windows games app, but when you click the option to play the game, it just opens the windows app store app. I hope it comes out by the time I'm done with work today.
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    Cool things you've found in Windows 8.1

    I love that you can add more tile rows without a registry hack. It's really nice because you don't lose the full screen keyboard when you go up to 6 tile rows!

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