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    "Surface Book with Performance Base"

    When you register it you only register one of those identification numbers. They aren't tracked separately. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    "Surface Book with Performance Base"

    I agree with the previous comments in here about wishing it could be purchased separately. Wouldn't mind the cost of a boost in graphics performance if I could just get the base itself. Also, hoping to see standalone 28" Studio-Like displays from Microsoft. they aren't in the display...
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    "Surface Book with Performance Base"

    Not sure how much of that was serious or just flat our sarcasm, lol. And people are so bent on getting USB-C, but I go out there and I can't find any accessories that make it worth my while to switch from USB 3.0 and pay the costs right now. Maybe in 5 years that will change, and it'll make...
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    "Surface Book with Performance Base"

    Microsoft was probably makes sense and why would someone ever do that. Detach the base just to continue using it as a bluetooth accessory? Your use case seems not all that practical. Disconnect the clipboard and what...find somewhere to put it? You'd have to buy a stand or...
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    For us Surface Book beta testers.....

    Early adopters are the beta testers that help make the next production version better and I think that goes for almost any tech product out there. It's always been that way and generally no one expects anything back from it. It would be nice to have, but I personally don't care. I'll take...
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    Yellowish backlight bleed

    Different model/display altogether but my 1st SP3 had this issue and I returned it for another. Mine came out of the top right and middle sections of the screen. Display/Hardware issue, not software.
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    Help! SP3 stuck in infinite reboot loop

    Yeah I know. Just sucks when the built-in restore is rendered useless at the same time. I have image backups on an external hard drive I take from time to time. Not a big deal other than time to restore and what not. Anything I run previews on I keep 99% of everything I need to have in my...
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    Help! SP3 stuck in infinite reboot loop

    Uggg my restore point won't work, and Exit to Windows 10 isn't working either. What the heck did they release? Was it pulled already?
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    Surface Pro 3 Dock with Surface Pro 4?

    Old and New Dock will work on the Surface Pro 3. They are really showing some love between the Surface Pro 3 and 4, cross compatibility with the new accessories.
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    Intel HD Graphics Beta Drivers for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 -

    Read above - not everything works for everyone. People wouldn't be looking for better/updated drivers if it "just worked".
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    Poll Who's experiencing white flashes during startup/restart?

    Just an FYI I can reproduce the screen flashing on a Lenovo X1 Carbon I just upgraded to the latest build of Windows 10. Has anyone else verified in this thread if they see it on other devices? If it's software I wouldn't think it's specific to the Surface Pro.
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    Maximum size of flash drive/external HD that connects to an SP3 without using a Y-cable

    As an FYI I don't believe that the size/space of the external hard drive has anything to do with whether or not the power source is required. It's about how it's designed from the manufacturer and the form factor. in general I think it's safe to say that most of the time the smaller the form...
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    Surface Pro 3 crowned as the fastest tablet, followed by the iPad Air 2 and Nexus 9

    Which of these is not like the others....Hmm... Seriously. Surface Pro 3 is not a tablet. Come on.
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    Today's firmware update 6/23/2015

    And had no updates ever been released you would be the exact same person saying no one cares, they need to up their game and release more updates to make things better, no? Maybe that's assuming too much on your part. Come on, seriously? Accountability is the courage to admit when there...
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    W10-All Builds - Randomly re-arranged Start Menu Apps/Programs

    Anyone else struggle with this? My pinned apps and programs in the Start Menu will often move around slightly. Can never get a solid looking start menu because of this. Driving me nuts.

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