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    Thought I'd Annoy All the OCD Sufferers in This Forum

    LMAO! I thought I was the only one!
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    [GAME] Ban the Person Above You

    Banned for making me read through 135 post of banning! Very clever game =]
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    Difference Between the Two Surfaces

    RT = Runtime That lazy question could have been answered much sooner if you would have simply typed it into Google rather then here...
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    Microsoft Leaks Official Surface RT Pricing: $499 Without TouchCover; $599 With It

    I'm not sure if I'm getting this. So if i want a color touch cover and not black i have to pay and extra $120? I don't get the option to just pick a color i want? Sigh...
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    Which will you get Surface 8 or Surface RT?

    They already messed (keep it family friendly!!) up and missed out on the back to School (Fall season) buying freenzy...
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    Windows XX to Windows 8

    Windows 98 is as far back as i can remember =/
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    Microsoft Announces Windows 8 is Finished & the RTM Version Heading to Manufacturers

    Some blogs reporting the version without Windows Media player were leaked to torrent sites already =[
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    What Titles?

    Xbox Games on the tablet. On day... it will happen.
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    Is Bill Gates back?

    Bill Gates: Chairman
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    Apple iPad vs Microsoft Surface

    Because the Windows 8 version will be enterprise ready and Windows server 2012 will be tablet ready. Enterprises that standardize their systems with Windows will most likely adopt this tablet long before a iPad or Android tablet. If governments adopts this device in the future, that will play a...
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    Microsoft Surface Release Date?

    ^ Lol. I think so...
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    Only Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo & Samsung Allowed to Build Windows RT Tabs at First

    I like Microsoft's new approach, I would prefer if Microsoft made all their own hardware. Most people that i have meet that don't like Windows had a bad first/second experience with it, and i guarantee it was the POS hardware Windows was running on. Look at Dell and HP's common affordable PC's...
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    Top 5 Killer Apps

    Office Skype LogMeIn Visual Studio Chrome So many i use! hard to only list 5 =[

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