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    Turning on

    Mine does that too - I assume all S3's do this. I have to shut mine down after plugging it in (& making sure it is charging before I shut it down).
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    Surface 3 one year later display problem

    Glad they took care of you! Getting to keep your old one until the new one shows up is the only way to go if you use your device everyday.
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    will there be a Surface 4 (non-Pro)

    OP, are you saying you run an Android emulator for certain Android apps & run those side-by-side with Word or other Windows apps using your S3?
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    Disappearing Cursor

    Since some mystical update in the past...most of the time when I power up my S3 now, the cursor is missing in action. If I unsnap the keyboard and snap it back on, the cursor is there with no further problems. This happens maybe 80% or 90% of the time after powering up my S3 from its off state...
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    I bought an iPad, might sell the SP4

    I have no complaints about my S3 4/128. It does a lot and it's given me virtually no problems. I have a Note3 phone, but I am not impressed with Android. My wife has an nice Android tablet, but she seldom uses it. My next phone will most likely be an iPhone 6S+ (my wife has one & uses it as a...
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    Type cover not being recognised.

    Don't know about the SP4 cover situation, but my SP3 had stopped recognizing the SP3 type cover. Took both to Best Buy. Tried a different type cover with my SP3 and tried my type cover with a different SP3. My type cover worked fine with other SP3's, but my SP3 wouldn't recognize any type cover...
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    Solved Some keys of the type cover not working

    To the OP, did you try your S3 with a different type cover and your own type cover with another S3? I did this on a SP3 when the type cover failed to register at all with the SP3. I took it all into Best Buy and tried the type cover with another SP3 and my SP3 with a different type cover. That...
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    Solved Standby goes into shutdown?

    Frankly, the way I use my S3, I haven't noticed any particular problems with all this. However, I have read that there are certain USB cables when used in conjunction with the S3 charger that will allow the S3 to charge faster than using the USB cable that came with the S3 to begin with. I've...
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    Solved Ran Updates, now Start Menu wont work

    I don't recall if the updates you refer to were system updates or hardware firmware updates. If the former, you should be able to rollback any system updates.
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    2/4/16 firmware update?

    It said mine didn't install the first time, so I rebooted then it installed properly & my S3 is running fine...although I have no idea what the firmware update did
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    Surface3 eye strain and headache

    No idea...I haven't noticed any particular eye strain issue while using my S3.
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    Lots of new updates in the 1/19/16 update

    Yes, same issues at this time :rolleyes:
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    Surface update left Surface 3 mute.

    No issue with my S3 after the upgrade. I do agree, however, that MS's approach to things Surface and Windows 10 hasn't been handled as well as it could have been handled. A lot can be said on their behalf and not so much on their behalf, though, depending - what I believe is that it's...
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    External Monitor problem

    The monitor won't work hooked up to the S3 dock or the S3 direct? But the monitor works hooked up to a different computer?