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    Going round in circles... using OneDrive effectively

    I suggest using GoodSync instead of the Skydrive crap.
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    Micro SD card and file history backup failiure / problem

    I do not have a clue other than suggesting you format the SD card to NTFS.
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    Micro SD Card? exFat or NTFS and allocation size?

    I had to convert my 64 GB to NTFS so symbolic links would work. Not sure if it is still needed with 8.1. I have converted MANY flash cards to NTFS and never had a problem.
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    Alternative Make-Shift Pen Holder (Pictures Included)

    I just put a small strip of Velcro tape on the pen and top edge of the SP.
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    Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse?

    Bluetooth is not perfected IMHO. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.
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    USB hub + Ethernet

    I have purchased several USB 3.0 hubs and used an USB 3.0 to Ethernet adaptor cable with them. Worked fine.
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    who else uses a usb hub 3.0 and external 3.0 hard drive? questions 4 you

    I have had problems with various USB 3.0 hubs, powered and non-powered. Currently using Anker 9 port (plus 1 charging port) that has worked fine with all ports in use for some time. Toy Man
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    Upgrade Surface Pro2 128gb to 256gb ?

    I think I would try Microsoft's Easy Transfer.
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    Any good Car Charger?

    The MS Store has the 'official' charger for all Surface's listed. $50 Buy Microsoft Surface Car Charger with USB port - Microsoft Store
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    Firmware update filed today.

    The update showed up early this morning. I downloaded/installed it with no problems on my SP2.
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    I think my Sculpt Mouse is broken...

    I finally gave up and bought a wireless mouse.
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    Android apps on a Surface

    I keep trying Bluestacks and while it is getting better I find it is indeed a Beta product. While I only have a few apps that I really care about on my Nexus 5 phone, they are not in the MS apps store. Hmmm - maybe I better check again. Toy Man
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    Synching Outlook

    I use SynchPST. Not free but works.
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    Micro SDXC card

    NTFS. It is required if you make a symbolic link to it.

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