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    Games you recommend that uses Xbox Controller

    I know that Halo 2 Vista works well on the former Surface Pros and supports controller input, whereas Halo: CE doesn't. I think if you're looking for Gears, you should try searching on GFW Live, but I'm not even sure it's still active. Anyways, I've been playing Don't Starve on my Surface Pro 3...
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    September patches giveth and taketh

    With my own Surface Pro 3, I've noticed a bit of degraded performance when waking from sleep. Haven't really noticed too much otherwise, good or bad.
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    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    The Surface Pro 3, in my mind, is pretty much the best form factor Microsoft could have come up with. The screen is perfect, so that can stay the same, but I would really like to see improved thermal performance in the base model. Outside of a spec bump, better performance, and perhaps a pen...
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    Greetings from a lurker

    Hello all, I decided to register and introduce myself because I'm typically a lurker here (and on the /r/Surface subreddit.) I'm a 22-year old sysadmin for the United States Air Force (enlisted), just started getting into school (with online classes) and I absolutely love the Surface Pro line...

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