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    SP4 us version in the uk

    The US do have the option of custom models (i.e. 16GB i5) but haven't seen any in the wild
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    Why is MS disabling the power cover ?

    Why? My guess is that there's a good amount of work involved and they've got their hands full
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    Surface Pro 4 i7-6650U power throttling issue?

    The surface book charger works on SP4: Buy the 65W Power Supply - Microsoft Store
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    Surface Pro 4 i7-6650U power throttling issue?

    Unless you live in Alice Springs or the Gobi Desert, that doesn't seem normal. Perhaps others.can comment on this: should Steve look for a replacement?
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    Battery Drain Tweaks, but still No Good

    A lot of laptops do it, but that's beside the point. It must be doing something to drain 10% a day turned off. Hmm. Does it keep some sort of quick boot cache or something?
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    Surface Pro 4 i7-6650U power throttling issue?

    There's a case temperature sensor top right. Higher case temps cause throttling. Apparently simply holding your hand in the right spot can reduce case temp and cpu gets more power allowance. Yes, the Surface Pro 4 has thermal throttling... but not what you think • /r/Surface
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    Surface Pro 4 i7-6650U power throttling issue?

    That's the time it will look at to measure average power. So at 28 it will review the last 28 seconds and if average is over power limit it will throttle. It's how responsive to change you want it. EDIT: quote fail, but you get the idea
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    Type Cover 4 with Surface Pro 2

    Thanks verizonil, appreciate the feedback. Strange you know more about it than Microsoft itself
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    Type Cover 4 with Surface Pro 2

    Odd I asked this very question on the Microsoft Store and was told by Microsoft Team that: "No, Surface Pro 2 is not compatible with the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover." Buy Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover - Microsoft Store EDIT: has anyone tried it?
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    PWM dimming on SP4?

    Great question which I'd love to see an answer to
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    Windows 10 how-to sp2

    Thanks for sharing. It's surprisingly difficult to find surface pro 2 specific information.
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    Sustained High CPU Usage is Back

    Try turning off the automatic bittorrent service: I'm not super confident it will fix your problem, but a good thing to do anyway imo
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    Lost graphics option from desktop right click menu

    Fairly sure it was the latest firmware. I didn't install it (no issues I felt needed fixing) and still have the Intel options Unsure on fix. Rolling back driver may help, but I haven't tried so can't say it's safe. Installing latest direct from Intel may help, but again I have not tried that
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    Surface Pro 3 Eye Strain, and how I got rid of it. BUYERS BEWARE!!

    If it's anything like the SP2, anywhere at or above 40% brightness reduces eyestrain a lot. I'm sure the SP3 is different, but I'd be surprised if 100% was the only sensitive eye friendly setting.

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