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    Onenote V17 v Onenote 2013

    I use OneNote for: Cooking Recipes - I have a dedicated and shared notebook that my girlfriend and I put recipes in. I have my old Surface RT sitting on the kitchen counter & I'll load the recipes from there when it's time to cook. School notes - I type faster than I write, so as I'm reading...
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    Crazy theory? Is Edge responsible for Surface woes?

    Having to hard reboot my SP4 every time I let it go into "Sleep" for 10-15 minutes is my biggest annoyance.
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    Display Driver Crashing

    I've requested to return my Surface Pro 4. The device is more of a hassle than anything right now. I spend more time doing hard shut downs than using the device. Frequent display driver crashes --- screen either goes blank or displays half black, half white noise. Touch screen occasion fails...
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    Wake from sleep

    Same here. I'm sure this links back to the other issues found with the Intel HD 520 drivers --- loss of touch screen, random driver crashes, failure to wake from sleep.
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    Display Driver Crashing

    I've forced the update of the Intel HD 520 drivers and I can report that the driver still crashes and I occasionally lose the touch screen capability. The one issue that it DID fix was the changing color temperature/tint issue.
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    Display Driver Crashing

    It's crashed for me on multiple sites, so it certainly isn't just this site.
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    Solved SP4 Still Active In Sleep

    It's being reported that Windows Hello is the culprit of battery drain while sleeping. Try disabling.
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    display changes tone while scrolling in edge

    It's the Intel HD 520 GPU drivers --- no real fix yet to fix all of the bugs, but many have reported having success resolving this one issue by downloading the latest drivers from Intel (10/26/2015). Although you will you will have to download the zip file, extract and manually install the...
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    Windows 10 is About to Get Several Cool New Features

    Edge in Build 10565 has the ability to "Save Target As". Favorite & Reading List syncing is also possible in this build. This actually doesn't appear possible just yet. Where did you see this? I'm on Build 10565 btw.
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    Official I pre-ordered a Surface Pro 4

    Core i5, 8GB, 256GB SSD --- after 3 years I finally get to lay my Surface RT 32GB to rest.
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    can't wait to buy surface pro 4

    I wouldn't expext a 4 to happen until Windows 10 is released, which is likely going to be around September/October.
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    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    The current screen size of the Surface Pro 3 is perfect, you have to remember this is a TABLET that can be a laptop also. A 17-inch tablet makes no sense when it comes to portability and being comfortable to use in the hands.
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    Intel Core M - Lenovo Yoga Pro 3

    The pro's for me are complete laptop experience. Meaning the hint supports the screen and not a kickstand. Also the keys collapse and lock flush with the machine when its folded into tablet mode This is the only other machine I would consider.
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    Best Buy exchange policy

    All Best Buy purchases have a 15-day return period. The only exception being mobile phones, which is 14.
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    Do you use Metro or Desktop?

    I hate when people complain about others being stuck in there old ways and not being willing to accept change when it comes to Windows 8.x. The fact that Windows had a dramatic UX change is not the issue, its the fact that the changes aren't intuitive and simply don't make sense. You have...

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