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    Solutions to horrible pdf performance for sp3

    Yeah but i love viewing pdf's in my webbrowser and not having to download them.
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    Solutions to horrible pdf performance for sp3

    Idn what it is but my 7 year old laptop can view pdf's better than my surface pro 3. Whether its view them offline and online through the web browser, it is very laggy. Of course its adobe reader. Is there any solutions to make pdf be smooth as it is on my 7 year old laptop. sp3 i3 version
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    Sick of fingerprints!! Solution?

    How do I enable that?
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    Sick of fingerprints!! Solution?

    I would but the pen does have scrolling unless you use the bar on the right side of the screen :(
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    Sick of fingerprints!! Solution?

    I do use microfiber towel, but it gets annoying to keep cleaning the screen constantly. GreyFox7 I asked for user suggestions because SOME screen protectors get messed up by the pen....
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    Sick of fingerprints!! Solution?

    Since I use my surface pro 3 a lot for touch and pen writing, it acquires a ton of fingerprints that have really annoyed me. I always wipe down the screen at least once a day. So is there a screen protector that's doesn't reduce the screen clarity and is compatible with the pen (won't mess up...
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    Screen Orentation Messed up

    Hey guys, after the recent updates Patch Tuesdays, I notice that the orientation is messed up. If I start up the computer and rotate the screen to read it in portrait mode its fine. But when I want it back to landscape it wont change. So I have to restart my computer to get it back into...
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    To all college students that has the surface pro 3

    I get pretty good battery life probably around 9 hours. One note metro is pretty weak you really need the desktop version as it has the option for you to record lectures and when you play it back it follows along. The only thing that sucks about the surface is fingerprints. I know you can put a...
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    Problem with Reader on SP3 i3 version

    I had that problem after using it for like 10 minutes in reader app. I use drawboard now for pdf, works great 90 percent of the time, the other 10 percent it crashes.
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    Desktop swipe gestures for IE

    ^ That would work with Desktop IE? Thank you!
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    Best Buy exchange policy

    is the 14 day pertain to the type cover ? I want to change my type cover color.
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    Desktop swipe gestures for IE

    Is it possible to enable swiping like it is in the metro version. Using either touch or mouse to go back and forward. There is nothing in advanced settings.
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    New Surface, but vents not blowing air

    Dam you weren't kidding Microsoft Soduku makes the surface hot. I wonder why, its not really a graphic intensive nor cpu intensive game.... Someone explain.
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    I didn't know that the SP3 was water cooled.

    Wouldn't the water evaporate from the heat if it was liquid cooled?o_O

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