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    Surface 3: Seven things to know about Intel's 'Cherry Trail' Atom chips

    Darn it. The less likely for viruses on the RT lineup was one of the things I wanted. The digitizer integration should have been in the Surface 2. The Surface 3 is the perfect match to what I need on the go - light weight, digitizer pen, USB port, thin and now with a micro USB for charging. I'm...
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    Surface 2 Poor battery life

    Give it a few battery cycles of use, and that will optimize it to some 6 to 8 hours of battery usage. I get some 7 hours + of regular use on one charge, with wifi connected, doing browsing and/or Office programs. I usually leave my charger behind for the day.
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    Windows RT does not work with Galaxy S5

    The Surface 2 is just great tablet. It was not designed like a full blown Windows like the Surface Pro lineup. "It's the iPad to the Macbook". A Suface 2 is way more functional than an iPad. This is what I carry around for reading PDF books, writing my paper with its great type cover and for my...
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    Windows RT does not work with Galaxy S5

    I have no problems getting files from my Note 3 to my Surface 2 via USB connection. It should work with the S5 or any Galaxy devices. It might be the cable used, or try turning on the USB 3.0 function connection on the S5.
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    Our Surface 2's future?

    Exactly. I needed something to write my graduate school papers, and the Surface 2 is just perfect with the type keyboard with no worries about viruses. The 200GB OneDrive space makes this a whole lot integrated with anything I have anywhere anytime. iPad? No. No multi- screen, no memory...
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    Battery Life...hmmmmm!

    I do airplane mode whenever I can. I keep airplane mode for long writing sessions on battery. I almost reach 9 hours with productivity on just working with Word like this.
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    Surface 2 price cut

    Pretty sweet deal for anyone wanting to get something better than an iPad or the usual other tablets. Microsoft should really step up in getting the Surface products everywhere else. The latest news is they added some 25 countries to distribute to. Mine is not included, had to go out of my way...
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    Surface 2 battery stress test

    As I have recently posted, I can get just over 8 hours of productive continuous or accumulated time with MS Word + PDF reader with split screen on a full charge for the Surface 2. You all confirmed my experience. I'm really wanting that Power Cover now, since I'd like not to carry the charger to...
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    Battery Longevity of the Surface 2

    Yeah, let's agree to disagree about the Power Cover to a power bank. I try to minimize and even disguise the gadgets I carry. And I am aware of the thickness and weight of the Power Cover. I'm thinking of designing a case that lets me slide/store either the Power Cover and the Type Cover when I...
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    Battery Longevity of the Surface 2

    The thing is, I want to carry the Surface 2 with a Power Cover inside a notebook, like how I've carved a regular A4 spiral notebook (you saw my post). I've look at the power bank options that give 12V the surface needs - quite bulky. And yes, $200 for the Power Cover is really expensive than a...
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    Battery Longevity of the Surface 2

    I've had the Surface 2 for over 3 weeks now, and have been relying on using this for writing my research papers and eventually when I'll do my thesis. There aren't much reports regarding the Surface 2's battery performance and I thought of sharing my personal experience. So far, my battery...
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    Just purchased a Surface 2... My thoughts

    Got my Surface 2 almost 3 weeks now. USB connected portable DVD drives work too but you'll need additional power for the drive to run. I wanted a Surface 2 since it came out. Only managed to get one via the Japan market after 8 months of waiting. Totally great for my writing needs with Office...
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    The Hidden Surface 2

    I'm an architect by profession. I used my model making skills. I forgot to mention that I sketched the sections of the design before I proceeded to creating the cutting patterns.
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    The Hidden Surface 2

    I love the thin, light profile, and long battery life of the Surface 2(RT). The Type Cover is perfect for my paper reports using a full Word program and it beats carrying my full Alienware laptop of some 5KG weight on my backpack just to type. It's been with me barely 2 weeks since I...
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    My Favorite Surface Cases (Sleeves)

    I am currently enrolled for my masteral degree, and the Surface 2 with a Type Cover with 200GB of cloud storage is perfect! Budget, simplicity and elegance. Not even a week yet, I needed to write a 2000 word paper for a next day submission. It beats carrying an extra 5 kg of my Alienware laptop...

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