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    "0% and not charging"

    Hi Ian, How did you manage to update the firmware of the Surface Book Base?
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    New to Surface and need help!

    Hi sharpuser, Thanks for your correction to my glossary. Solved the correct use of words clipboard and base the functioning problem is still there. My Surface is still far from be fine. I'am attaching an image that perhaps could clarify the problem. As a reminder, the clipboard is working...
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    New to Surface and need help!

    Hi Sharpuser, Thank you very much for your reply. The driver I have installed shows version 10.0.17134.1 which is dated the same day as yours: 6/21/2006 I have tried uninstalling this version, and updating it, without making any improvements. I've also done the same with the keyboard driver...
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    New to Surface and need help!

    Hi everybody! I've bought a Microsoft Surface Book 2 – 13.5’ Display, and I'am suffering the following problem: Battery 2 (on the keyboard) won’t charge. The power connector works ok on the released tablet. It turns on the light and the battery on the tablet is charged ok. When plugged in...

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