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    Microsoft's first consumer Surface was released five years ago today on Oct. 26, 2012

    crazy its been this long.. still love my surfaces a shame they haven't changed much. all it needs is a "super dock" and battery keyboard again.
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    Can anyone help fix this problem please?

    might be a long shot, but maybe turn on or off secure boot. a shot in the dark. maybe its hoseing up the "fix" install.
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    Surface Pro 4 dead?

    have you tried to plug in into a monitor? a long shot, but maybe it will do something.
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    Surface 2 doesn't turn on

    a shot in the dark . dose the windows logo vibrate if you touch it? I'm remembering some stuff my surface pro 2 has done. it might not bee the same. BUT I would have to touch the windows "button" and it would start up.
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    Noisy processor!

    to get back on topic. it is possible a chip is making noise. when I use a huntron ("powered oscilloscope") every so often if I have the power too high ill get noises from chips. granted they are normally bigger chips. but I give it a possibility
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    New potential Surface Pro user

    it can change your lifestyle. kinda like the Nintendo switch did for me too. everything on the go :D
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    [Help] Strange Issue with VGA Driver

    is it trying to use a resolution higher then the vga monitor can handle? maybe before you try it next time lower the settings to something around 1080
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    do we think microsoft would ever NOT glue the screen?

    for battery issues? I find it damned strange that my used often and much loved SP2 went from no issues, to 100% plugged in but not charging. after I get 4 suction cups in the mail. I will be attempting to open.. hope it doesn't turn out like that one time they opened the ark in Indiana...
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    do we think microsoft would ever NOT glue the screen?

    i do feel as long as I get the SSD out ill be fine. at least the SP4 is still cranking away. I can turn it on. so If I try to open it. I might just have it run a game that heats up the surface, then take a heat gun to it :D
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    do we think microsoft would ever NOT glue the screen?

    at this point seeing and hearing of battery issues. I would think it is something they should think about. OR at least an opening just to get to important stuff. I didn't turn on my old trusty SP2 for a month or 2.. now it seems to have a battery issue I cant figure out. the power keyboard...
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    Are the WIFI issues with the Surface Book resolved? (before I buy)

    don't confuse windows 10 wifi issues with surface issues. if the "notepad" had a full usb port I would totally get a book.
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    Urgent help required with camera settings. have you tried that stuff? camera setting. Looks close to what you are talking about Looks like setting up a "bank" is a good step Hope it helps
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    Urgent help required with camera settings.

    it would help to know the name of the software.
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    Hybrid Surface Pro?

    I 100% forgot about the damned cooling, if you do open one up. I would 100% add a bigger SSD at least. seeing how many "pry picks" people seem to use to crack it open seems nuts. it's a shame they didn't just use screws.. . . . . at least I can open my Nintendo switch easy if I wanted too :D