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    Weird pricing digital content on Xbox Video & itunes Video stores

    Unfortunately, streaming media isn't much good for travel. I like to buy a new movie before a plane ride, and the Xbox prices are silly. I'm not paying $20 for anything I can't hold in my hand. Not to mention that the Xbox video store interface is pathetic. No browse by genre, no...
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    Nesting Dropbox and Skydrive

    Thanks for the confirmation. I didn't want to try it without a second opinion. The dropbox app for Surface is indeed just a wrapper, much like the android phone app is. You can open a file from the cloud, but you don't have a local copy (except presumably in temp folders). ANYWAY. I tried...
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    Nesting Dropbox and Skydrive

    I keep all of my school work in Dropbox for backup purposes, and I've been very pleased. It works great, has saved my ass after a HDD failure, and I'm reluctant to transfer everything over to a different cloud. But now that I have the Surface 2, I'm considering how to work in another...

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