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    i5 with 4 gig ram

    yeah, makes sense, I read 1080p with no video decoding going on is around 10 meg. per screen, that is just to display an image, so not significant. I would imagine if video is playing it is buffering a few seconds of video... that could add up, 2s x 30 fps x 10 MB = 600 MB? Sent from my...
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    i5 with 4 gig ram

    It looks like the integrated graphics make use of system memory which makes sense since it does not have it's own VRAM. Now, driving 2 x 1080p monitors and the SP4's 2736x1824 could add up to a ton of memory used!
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    i5 with 4 gig ram

    I have the 4gb core i5 and an old core i3 desktop that I am retiring as it's 7 years old. I just bought a Surface dock and have setup my SP4 to be my primary desktop but I am still on the fence whether I can use it as my primary desktop or not or if I should build a new box. I play to do some...
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    Surface Dock with SP4 questions

    I just acquired a Surface Dock to use with my SP4 and dual 1080p monitor setup. I was really apprehensive reading all the problems but i'm happy to report that everything works perfectly... both my external monitors are running at 1080p/59hz and the desktop extends to my SP4 screen as well for...
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    Charging on the road?

    i understand that you shelled out money on that battery but that battery cannot power the MSP4. I also have a similar Anker battery and now I have to buy another $100 battery which is compatible... that is life, cost of acquiring new technology! ;). Remember that the MSP4 with core iX is a full...
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    here's a short video explaining surface power management

    I don't have the WiFi settings he is talking about... yes, I am on Windows 10
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    Charging on the road?

    Yes, the battery has to be able to supply the current and voltage. Type A/micro USB etc. are all 5 volts and 2 amps maximum. There are some implementations that exceed that slightly such as 2.2 Amps or 2.4 amps but it's not per spec and is not guaranteed to be reliable. The only USB...
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    Charging on the road?

    I read your message again and you cannot do what you are trying to do. The reason is that the USB Type A or micro USB connector cannot carry the current needed to charge your MSP4 (2.58 amps), nor can it deliver the required voltage 12V. The MSP4 connector is proprietary and is not compatible...
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    Charging on the road?

    i'm note quite sure what you are asking for. Do you want a MSP4 charger with an extra USB port? If so, this is what I use. It has a 2 Amp USB port that I use to charge other things while traveling: If...
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    best for Battery life

    I use my Surface a lot at home where I leave the charger connected while I am working... is this the best for the battery in terms of prolonging it's life? Or is there a better way? What do you guys do?
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    SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD performance

    i use one, think i paid $60 on sale few months ago Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Suggest Bluetooth mouse

    I'm currently using a tiny Logitech wireless mouse that I absolutely love but the downside is that it blocks up the USB port. I wanted to get a similar Bluetooth version but had a few questions: - If I use a Bluetooth mouse will I be able to also connect my Bluetooth headset at the same time...
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    Flickering issue

    Thanks guys.. it's going to be a real PITA to replace it as I have it all setup :( I confirmed that right now it happens only at the lowest brightness level. Also I bought this from someone and do not have the receipt although I did register it a few months ago when I got it... is the receipt...
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    Video not playing

    when you say it will not play what exactly happens, does it go into buffering or the play button does not switch to pause or it does and nothing happens? have you gone into task manager and seen what is running and also process utilization? That may give you a clue. I would also look into...
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    Flickering issue

    thanks, actually I mistyped, it happens every 3-5 minutes. I will try at the lowest brightness. It is an annoyance more than a showstopper. It would be a PITA to get a warranty replacement as I have already setup the machine to my liking :(

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