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    OneNote Pen Spazzes out

    I changed the battery and the nib on the pen. I've also did a full reset when I downgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1
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    OneNote Pen Spazzes out

    Ive reset the calibration a few times in the past :\
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    OneNote Pen Spazzes out

    Hi guys, So ever since I got my SP3 when it first came out, I've noticed sometimes that when I'm writing in OneNote, it will start to spaz out. It didn't bother me at first because I would erase it and just retype it. But I've noticed it has been happening more frequently and would like to put...
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    Surface Pro 3 Accessories

    Has anyone found a good anti-glare product?
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    Voice Recording App

    Well i know that it worked because it worked for me. But an hour into the class, both apps crashed on me. I guess I can try it again.
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    Voice Recording App

    I did that once and my OneNote Metro crashed and both the OneNote desktop and OneNote Metro crashed and I lost all the notes I had taken for that class.
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    Voice Recording App

    Hi all, I am looking for a Voice Recording App that I can use with OneNote Metro. Now I know that the OneNote desktop version has voice recorder but i like the UI for the metro app better. With that being said, I have tried a few voice recording apps on the windows store but every time I switch...
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    Secure Erase SSD

    What is wrong with your kick stand? I just got a Surface Pro 3 from best buy and my kick stand is very loose on one end. Wondering if I should go to Best Buy and get a replacement. This is my kickstand.
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    Travel Bag/Backpack

    Hi everyone, I just got my surface pro 3 yesterday and I am looking for a good back pack/travel bag to carry my surface to and from school. I cannot find something that I like/stands out so I am wondering if you guys have a good one to recommend. I am looking for something that is not "bulky"...

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