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    Surface Pro3 Battery Gets Drained While Gaming On Power

    Hello, My Surface Pro 3's battery gets drained even while it's connected to power and charging. It wasn't like this before, I'm not sure but it looks like this started happening after I had upgraded to Windows10. Power supply is working normal, the device recharges successfully. But even if it's...
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    Lapability greatly improved vs laptop

    Laptops are also very bad to use while lying in bed, but I can use sp3 as a tablet with ease.
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    External batteries for Surface Pro 3

    Ok, I won't wait then. But is that product a good choice for that price? Or do you have other suggestions ? I don't want to pay too much, price/performance ratio is important. 26000 mAh extra battery looks nice, imo I can even play games on the go with the support of this battery. I currently...
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    Solved Reduced Display Resolution for Gaming

    Thanks, I was using Sp3 without intel driver, I'll install it and add custom resolutions. I was playing on 1280x720, but it looks awful with those black bars.
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    External batteries for Surface Pro 3

    Hi, Do you guys use any external batteries that you recommend ? I did some search and found this battery on amazon. This product doesn't include Sp3 cable, it's sold seperately for around $10. Also sells some models, but they are kinda expensive. Should I wait for a potential...
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    Surface Pro 3 Power Management Sticky

    Hello, Why should I prefer connected standby over default sleep mode of surface pro 3 ? As I read it provides connectivity support, but I don't need connectivitiy I just need the lowest power consumption and fast wake up. Without connectivity support, it should last longer with sleep mode by my...
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    Poll Which internet browser do you use?

    Do we have an alternative for touch-based ie metro version? There are tons of good desktop browsers, but I can`t find tablet optimised browsers.
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    Surface Pro 4 Release Date - July 2015

    I doubt it will provide better battery life. Windows itself(by waking up disk and cpu very often) and lcd display drains the battery. Also current core M devices(lenovo yoga3, dell venue etc.) have worse battery life than sp3, because to slim down core M devices, they reduce the battery...
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    best android emulator

    I suggest genymotion, with a right VM image you can find on the net, it will provide you a good emulator experience with proper gpu acceleration support. All the games or apps I've tried worked great.
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    Win8.1 touch keyboard wrong touch/key recognition problem

    Hello, I've just bought a surface pro 3 as my first windows tablet. I was using an ipad before. Windows 8.1's original touch keyboard has problems if you don't touch to the middle of a virtual key. It may recognize it like you pressed the button next to it instead. I use my sp3 without typecover...
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    Would you convert to an iPad Pro and replace your SP3?

    Ipad is a big smartphone(iphone), while sp3 is a small laptop. That sums up all. After using ipad for 2 years, and upgrading to sp3, I can say that. And yes, ipad pro will be an ARM device running ios. Just bigger screen. Nowhere near a sp3.