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    Security - what are you using?

    What are you using on your surface for security, virus scan ad-aware ...etc?
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    2 PLayer games

    Can anyone recommend good 2 player games that we can play from a surface pro to surface RT? Looking for 2 player games that we can connect over wireless LAN not hot seat games... Thanks, Vanz
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    Installing programs from the The on 2 Surface Pro's

    Thanks this worked...
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    Installing programs from the The on 2 Surface Pro's

    I have 2 surface pro's, bought a game called "Game Dev Tycoon" from the store on my 1st Pro, how do I install it on the 2nd? I downloaded it form the store on the 2nd pro but it comes up as "trial version"? When I check my settings it shows I'm logged in and my account sees both Surfaces...
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    What Malware, Virus Scanner do you use on your Pro?

    What Malware, Virus Scanner do you use on your Pro?
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    External Keyboard and mouse on SP

    So I can plug in my wireless mouse dongle and it works great with my surface pro, now can I get an external keyboard and mouse to work with it? If I unplug my usb mouse and plug in my usb keyboard dongle the keyboard now works great and of course the mouse doesn't... so I though hey that...
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    Changing Metro Icons Pics

    What are you guys using to change app icon pics in metro mode? I was using Tile Genie, but didn't like the fact that it had to launch everytime to launch my app... so then I tried OblyTile but it launches apps in desktop mode only, which was okay for awhile but then it eventually messed up...
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    Ghost or Image Surface Pro

    okay thanks, I'll give Acronis a try, any links/suggestions on how to do this for the surface pro? or does Acronis have a help area for the surface pro?
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    Ghost or Image Surface Pro

    I'd like to do a complete backup and restore of my Surface Pro, does Norton ghost work on the pro or do you recommend some other software to accomplish this? Can this be done to a USB drive? Thanks, Vanz
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    Cloning a Surface Pro?

    Thanks Super Mod...
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    Cloning a Surface Pro?

    Yeah, but I guess I'm wondering how I can boot to the Ghost (or other software) OS to perform the restore? Should I get a USB DVD drive or can I boot from the USB for the Surface Pro... or is there another way? I've only ever booted an OS from a HD or DVD Rom drive...
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    Cloning a Surface Pro?

    Hi, I have my Surface Pro all tweaked out with no bought software on it yet (lot's of free stuff installed), my wife's dad just bought a Surface Pro, he'd like to have it configured exactly like mine. So what I'd like to do it basically copy the HD from my Pro to his Pro. If these were PC's...
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    IE Problem in Desktop mode

    Thanks... I did reboot many times, held power button down for 20s, full power down... I'll try uninstalling IE10, thanks...
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    IE Problem in Desktop mode

    I can't seem to be able to launch IE anymore in Desktop mode? I click on it, it flashes (comes up for a slpit second) then disappears, no error no nothing. I tried going into Internet options and deleting all cookies, temp files, browser history ...etc but still nothing. IE works fine in metro...
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    How to change icon picture in Metro Interface?

    so can you change a metro icon and have it launch in metro mode? I was playing around with Tile Genie but it always launches itself, which is annoying but acceptable... but then it stopped launching my apps all together. I uninstalled and reinstalled it but it still isn't working... :( It...

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