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    Desperately seeking base-to-screen cable

    I use a 32000mwh power bank set to 12 volts when I go out on the porch swing with just the clipboard. The 12 volts holds the power, and charges VERY slowly. But it works for me. The cord I got off Amazon is pretty long. The power bank is a pretty heavy brick though. A simple DC power cord can be...
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    SB 2 dead battery

    Sleep will kill the battery over a week or so. You need to verify that the power settings are configured to eventually power completely off, or to go to hibernate. I have good luck with hibernate, so people say it is the devils work. :)
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    Surface Book 3 still possible?

    Yea, I got an SB2, 15", 512G because of the sale price. I think it is just a seasonal thing. We'll see.
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    Flashing display on Book 2 15 inch

    That may be it. My Pro 3 and Book 1 have had the vertical streak. This Book 2 has the occasional vertical streak. And the flashing may be related. I'm not sure what triggers it. Edit: Not Edge. I closed everything (via Task Manager). On battery power, I often get a 'flash', a few seconds later...
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    Flashing display on Book 2 15 inch

    It is not a 'physical' thing like a loose connection. I'm 99.99999% sure. It may be related to when I have Edge open, as I have it open most of the time and I have not seen under other apps. But then it is random so...... I found one article about flashing displays, that recommended deleting...
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    Flashing display on Book 2 15 inch

    I got a good Black Friday deal on a 15 inch Book 2. So far, everything has been working pretty well. But I have one annoying issue. When on battery power, the display will occasionally flicker. With or without an app running. Sometimes it doesn't do it for a few minutes, and sometimes it does...
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    Power on the Surface book 2 um Tablet mode.

    I don't think that is correct. As far as I can tell the graphics engine is powered by the battery system.
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    Decisions decisions, Book 2 or ???

    So, I have a Book 1, from 2015. It does what I want, but I am itching for a change. No good reason.... I am thinking of getting a Book 2 15 inch. The larger screen will help my old eyes a little. And I want to move up from 256 to 512 of storage. (though the micro SDHC card is generally...
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    How to get backup of SP3 if it won’t start?

    Also, try an external display, in case it is just the display that is out. In the future, run a scheduled backup. Mine are automated and I don't ever think about it.
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    Surface Book 3 still possible?

    I am surprised too. I have an original SB1. It is doing fine. But I would like to bump up to a 15". I am hoping for a bit more SSD, speed, battery. You know, just want a bit more after years and years. Though my SB1 still performs well. There have been some price drops of the SB2, so I really...
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    Huge bug with detaching, main battery and charging + ghost touch as a bonus

    1.5 months old. Get it replaced. Too expensive to have to tolerate hardware issues like that.
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    Best Printer for Surface Book

    Best depends too much on what your needs are. I just threw away a high dollar HP photo ink printer and will be avoiding HP. They discontinued making the high dollar ink cartridge it required. I used to use HP all the time, no more. I bought an Epson large format photo printer, mainly because it...
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    Any way to fix mark on glass

    You can try toothpaste or another slight polish like that. BUT, if there is an anti-reflective coating on the glass ( I don't think there is ) it may result in more damage then you started with.
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    Book 1 fastest WiFi type

    Just to follow up on this. I got a cheap Asus RT-ACRH13 and put on the end of my ethernet cable in Access Point mode. Using the 5Ghz band, and 80MHz bandwidth, I get a connection to the Surface Book that shows 866/866Mbps. When I transfer large files to my backup drive, they transfer at just...

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