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    how do i ditch the current xbox account and connect to new one?

    I assume you're referring to your gamertag - you can do it here: Change Xbox Live Gamertag | Change Games for Windows LIVE Gamertag | Xbox Live Change Gamertag -
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    Life with my SP2 256

    T-Bob's post inspired me to post my month long or so experience with my SP2 256. FWIW, my device is only being used as a home PC - no work related usage. There will be some comparisons here to an Ipad since this unit replaced my Ipad with Retina display. And yes, I know - some of my comments...
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    How Microsoft screwed up, and wont help

    Yes, the call center that supports order inquiries on My one and only experience with a brick and mortar MS Store was fine.
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    Attach SP2 to external monitor

    Just curious - is anyone going to use a touch screen external monitor? Can you do this? Anything to be concerned about?
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    How Microsoft screwed up, and wont help

    Ditto. I have been less than impressed with the service received from the MS Store. Different answers depending on who you ask, conflicting information, lack ownership on issues.
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    OH Y E A H my credit card was charged sp2 on the way.....

    Just a heads-up that I was one of those who pre-ordered a SP2 256 when the ship by date was Oct 29th. I just received a shipment notification this AM, so it appears MS is fulfilling the ship by dates as announced, at least in my case. I pre-ordered from the MS Store.
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    Great list of games the run on the Surface pro

    Agree with previous comments - a secondary list of touch enabled/optimized games would be good.
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    OH Y E A H my credit card was charged sp2 on the way.....

    Same here. My ship by date for a SP2 256 still says Oct 29th.
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    256/512 pre-orders delayed until Dec15?

    FWIW, I had a chat with MS yesterday for this same reason. I pre-ordered my SP2 256GB on 10/7 when the ship date was 10/29. I was told my order would now be delayed till Dec 15th.

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