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    charging cable with a usb on the other end?

    He is using a voltage converter... Not really a solution for anyone who knows something about physics.
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    Battery life in Pen - anybody have to replace yet?

    Be aware! The polarity of the batteries inside the 9V-block can be different. Button top = minus. You should measure that.
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    charging cable with a usb on the other end?

    I don't understand the discussion. It is not technically possible. Period.
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    Undervolting Revisited

    That has nothing to do with the undervolting, it is a failure of Intel XTU.
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    Any Powerbanks for use with SP3?

    All of them will work.
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    A cheap backup pen

    The Lenovo Stylus of the Android Tablet works! But I think you can't buy them anymore.
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    Any Powerbanks for use with SP3?

    The Pro has a 5500mAh/7,4V battery, which equals 11000mAh of the Anker 3,7V battery. You charged 3 times 75% of the Surface with 50% of the Anker power bank? 3x8000 mAh out of 10000mAh of the Anker? (Assuming 100% efficiency, maybe 70% are reachable). Either is your Surface battery faulty or you...
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    Any Powerbanks for use with SP3?

    You charged the 31.5Wh battery of the RT 5 times with your (theoretically) 74 Wh Anker battery. So you have to be a wizard or the laws of physics don't apply to you. 2 charges of the 42Wh battery in the Pro 3 with only 25% of the Anker? Even better! Usually you can use around 80% of the...
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    Any Powerbanks for use with SP3?

    I built my own! I used this: tails.S022126 It costs 55$ together with 6 Sanyo 2600mAh. It charges 85% of the Surface with one full charge.
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    I think its having two chargers is a must

    I paid 45€ for the whole package, the Minigorilla costs more than twice that much. The Minigorilla has 9000mAh and my version has 15600mAh.
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    I think its having two chargers is a must

    @B'midbar It weighs maybe 320g. It is this Power bank: It discharges only to 3.2V per cell, so all cells are safe, but high capacity cells does'nt make sense. The 2600mAh Sanyos are the best choice in my opinion. You should know what you are...
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    What are the best games on SP3

    Civ5 and Civ Beyond earth run wonderfully! I love these games on the Surface.
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    Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard with Surface Pro 3

    I bought the Sony PS3 Bluetooth Keyboard vor 20 bucks. It has a trackpoint, a decent sizeand a nice typing feeling. It fits in a case for the Logitech K800 keyboard. It is so much better than the totally overpriced Cover. I like the Microsoft Keyboard too, but I need a trackpoint for working...
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    I think its having two chargers is a must

    I bought two of the charging cables with 5.5mm plug. I use them with a powerpack and with an adapter and a normal cheap 12V harddisk power supply. Works flawlessly.
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    Touch Patch for CIV: Beyond Earth available!

    Yes it runs hot, but it is always playble. Nothing to worry about. I can get up to 3.5 hours with on charge.

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