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    Pen not responding

    I have noticed that the pen tip wear and tear occurs relatively soon with the original oem tip out of the box. Mine wore off within 6 months of normal use. I write at an angle and rest my palm on the screen. I notice the point of the tip looked like it had worn off at 60 degree angle. This...
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    Can Microsoft make a pen that is 100% reliable?

    Hi I have a surface pro 5 running the latest official version of windows 10. Around march, my surface pen didn't work anymore and I saw no bluetooth connection. the battery liked died after 18 months of normal use and using the surface pen regularly to write. Due to the lockdown I didn't get...
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    Failed Win10 version 1903 update

    Any news if the update will still come through in windows update? It's been several weeks. I've managed to update my 10 year old core 2 quad pc, yet Microsoft's own highly praised windows update seems to fail updating their own hardware line. Odd.
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    HowTo Create shortcut tile to a file on Start menu

    Great tip. It does take some work for a single file though. I know more people have asked for this feature in the start menu before in the last 4 years. I've also frequently sent feedback on this matter. Contrary to microsoft's intention I've used the start menu as the new desktop for the last...
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    SP4 Type Cover not responding after idle

    I'm having the same problem with my SP5. This problem has started quite recently. say 12 months after purchase. I can't figure out if this is a hardware of software problem. But as you pointed out a windows restart usually fixes it. But it is highly unproductive. It happens daily. I can't...
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    Is Windows Defender Enough

    in my everyday experience windows defender is enough. No need for another antivirus
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    Replacing battery in Surface Pro 2017?

    There are DIY and ifixit videos on YouTube. Generally repairability and relaceability of surface pro battery is low and high risk for DIY. Before going on the DIY or repair road, have you tried recalibrating your battery life monitor. If the surface pro is used in a particular way, the battery...
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    Often several tiles look exactly the same :-(

    I know exactly what you mean. Can be frustrating. Unfortunately Microsoft has been slow lately at further improving and refining the live tile experience. Your experience is valuable though. My advice to provide Microsoft feedback on this matter via the feedback app. As I see it the problem is...
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    Surface PRO 4 - disposable equipment. it works 2 years and it fails (sudden death). it's a trash.

    Hi Luis. Sorry to hear about your experience. I'm not a technical expert, but have been a surface pro user for the past 5 years. Care to share your story in more detail?
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    Help with strange type cover/keyboard!

    It's sounds like a language setting issue in windows. By simply changing the pc region&language settings keyboard to UK English, the issue should be resolved. Go to windows settings (windows + i key), navigate to Time and Language settings page, go to region and language, Check that UK...
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    Surface Book 2 - Tablet Mode

    Have you had a look at Waterfield design for Surface?
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    Have I fried my SP4Pro battery?

    It would be interesting to see the data with a batterylife monitoring app. I tried this on my lumia 1520. The device, after 4 years of trusted use, died quickly and suddenly once the battery reached 39 percent. I had likely reached a threshold charging cycles. It was clear to see a sharp drop in...
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    Husband and I just got one i7 each

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    Surface Pro 3 & 4 Smart cover

    In all my years of owning a surface from first gen tot fifth gen I've needed a type cover. It's just part of the design and type cover and surface just work together. Windows 10 OS is still more desktop than tablet and the type cover will always be convenient. There is, in my experience, no...

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