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    Replacing battery in Surface Pro 2017?

    I know, it doesn't make sense. I asked the person the same thing... "well what do they do with my old computer? And what was refurbished about the one you're giving me?" I didn't get a good answer, he didn't know. I wish I got the Surface Laptop instead of the tablet. I don't use the tablet...
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    Replacing battery in Surface Pro 2017?

    You essentially got an extended warranty. If anything happens, they'll just replace your computer with a refurbished one. They offered me to replace mine with a refurb when I was still under warranty and had battery issues.
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    Replacing battery in Surface Pro 2017?

    Thanks for the info, I can look into the DIY route and going to a repair shop and will update this thread when I have more info.
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    Replacing battery in Surface Pro 2017?

    I bought the Surface Pro 2017 new and about 5 months in, the battery capacity was about 88%. This was determined by the Microsoft Store employee when running the BatteryInfoViewer software, and offered to swap for a refurb, which I didn't want. Now a year later I'm running the BatteryInfoViewer...
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    Surface Pro 3 Trade-in Program?

    I'm still using the original Surface Pro, and it's been working just fine. I've taken it traveling to other countries, on the train, the bus, and other various spots. I think the size is great, and any bigger would make it less convenient and portable (if that makes sense). While it might...
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    Would you like to see VLC for Windows 8, RT and WP8?

    Why not just make the desktop version of VLC touch friendly? i.e. skin with larger buttons, ability to swipe left/right on the video to fast forward/rewind, double tap the screen to pause, etc...
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    Accidentally found a Windows keyboard shortcut feature...

    I was in Firefox trying to press ALT + Left Arrow to go the the previous screen, and I mistakenly pressed the Windows Key + Left Arrow, and it shifted the window to the left half of the screen. Curious, I pressed Windows Key + Right Arrow, goes to right side. Windows Key + Down Arrow restores...
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    File Explorer pinned to Taskbar - opens to specific folder?

    I have File Explorer pinned to the Taskbar, but it always opens to 'Libraries'. Is there any way to have it open to a folder of my choosing? Or at least open to 'Computer'? Thanks
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    Microsoft Surface 2: Tegra 4 CPU and 10.6″ 1080p display; Announcement Sept. 23rd

    So when does the SP2 come out? Any news on specs? Glad to see more RAM and upgraded CPU. I hope to see a higher capacity HDD and a backlit Type Cover. Oh, and of course a touchpad that's on par with 2013 technology a la Macbook quality (not 1995 gen 1 touchpads). Other than those (very...
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    touch screen lock / child mode?

    Is there a feature for the Surface Pro that allows the screen to be locked so as to not respond to a touch input? Maybe "unlock" with use of a stylus or volume buttons, etc...
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    Bluetooth microphone confusion

    Thanks for the info. You would think they should work. It's not like I built a pair of bluetooth headphones in my garage and am expecting them to fully function with the OS.
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    Bluetooth microphone confusion

    Still looking for a solution.
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    Bluetooth Device Management a Headache

    I wanted to add something, as I encountered the problem again... Under Device Manager, Bluetooth Driver (Marvell AVASTAR Bluetooth Radio Adapter), Power Management tab: I had to uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". I'm pretty sure that's why my bluetooth radio...
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    Studying for school with the Pro

    Check out this video on using One Note on the Surface Pro. It's a 30min video, very thorough and talks about many of the practical features that can be used with One Note (this video makes me want to use One Note more often). (BTW, it's not my video).
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    Bluetooth microphone confusion

    Bump. Any thoughts or solutions?

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