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    Best Remote Desktop App for SP3

    I went ahead and re-loaded Team Viewer minus the crapware. It works really well and is very easy to use. Once my two computers were set up (laptop and SP3), which took all of about 3 minutes, it's press one button on my SP3 and "PRESTO"-I've got remote access to my laptop. It does what I need so...
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    Best Remote Desktop App for SP3

    Yeah I foolishly just started hitting the ACCEPT button a few times before I realized what I was doing. :eek: If no one has a better solution, I may try re-installing it.
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    Best Remote Desktop App for SP3

    Looking for remote desktop app for my SP3 to remotely control my Windows 7 laptop. Ease of use and security are what I'm mainly looking for. I tried Team Viewer, which seemed to work fine at first, but when I loaded it onto my laptop, a bunch of crapware loaded with it so I uninstalled it. Any...
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    We all get new computers tomorrow - Monthly Tuesday update

    :( Did the update and now I can't get my stylus to connect or write on OneNote.
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    Dongles and Surface 3

    Grew up in N.O., but in transportation not energy. Anyway, one program say error 458/0 has occurred. The other says license file not found even though I know its loaded. These are the same messages I get without a dongle installed. I'm wondering if they're incompatible with USB 3.0.
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    Dongles and Surface 3

    I've got a S3 i7 (which I'm loving) and I'm trying to run some work related programs. It's engineering type software that requires a dongle to run. The 2 programs I loaded both require dongles but I get an error msg about the dongle when I try to open either program. Any idea what's going on and...
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    OFFICIAL I Now Have a Surface Pro 3 i7

    :) I'm in that number!

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