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    How to max out your CPU all the time (no throttling).

    When I was testing an i3, the temperature rarely got above 62C with anything I did and I wasn't using the program you recommend. The CPU also stayed at 1.50 most of the time. I found that the i5 actually cooled down quicker than the i3.
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    Anyone with hands-on comparison of the 8gb i5 and i7?

    I tried both side by side for about a week and a half. The performance difference for me was not worth the added cost. The i5 did run cooler. Using XTU, I found that usually the i5 would idle 2-4 degrees cooler than the i7. I also found that after a stress test, the i5 would cool down quicker...
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    i3: How Much SSD Headroom?

    Is there a way to install my office Office 365 subscription to the SD?
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    i3: How Much SSD Headroom?

    I am trying out a SP3 i3 alongside an i5 8 GB/256 GB. After installing the programs and data I intend to have on the SSD, I have 20 GB out of the 64 GB free. Is this enough space for future Windows updates, and the occasional installation of a program, over the next year or so or is this a...
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    i7 benchmarks & tests

    My SP3 i5/256 got 340 marks and a SP3 i7/256 sitting side by side got 341.
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    not sure I *want* a bigger Surface

    I measured the SP3 and it is 10 inches from the front of the keyboard to the kickstand when it is in a position similar to the first notch on the SP2. It's 11-12 inches if you extend the kickstand out further. Would this fit on an airplane tray table?
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    So long everyone :-)

    I had the same experience with both the Yoga 2 Pro and Yoga 11s.
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    Availability Surface Pro 2 256 GB

    I just got my SP2 256GB and I live in the U.S. What I did was to go to Nowinstock (Google it) and set up an alert for the SP2. When I got the alert after 2 days, I bought mine from the Microsoft online store.
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    New Surface Pro Wacom Pen Drivers Adds Extra Settings!

    Hey, has anyone noticed an improvement in the calibration of the pen with these new drivers? I have. The calibration routine is only 4 points, but it is much better in my limited use.
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    Stylus with eraser?

    No, he didn't ask about an S-Pen but he did ask for a recommendation for a stylus with an eraser and based upon my experience with a Surface Pro and an S-Pen with eraser, I gave him mine. The S-Pen with eraser works just fine with the Surface Pro.
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    Stylus with eraser?

    Here's one that I have: Samsung S Pen with Eraser
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    Problem with browsers on Surface Pro

    This happened to me because I had installed Chrome and set it to be the default browser. When that happens, IE won't open in Metro UI anymore.

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