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    Firmware Update on 5/19/15

    Has anyone experienced the trackpad getting more sensitive to touch after the firmware update? It seems to unintentionally select things more often than it use to. WW
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    1TB SSD upgrade

    I guess he couldn't wait for a 1TB sdxc card :) WW
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    Solved SP3 how to customize trackpad buttons?

    Excellent, this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks. WW
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    Solved SP3 how to customize trackpad buttons?

    Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to customize the trackpad buttons, so that both the left and right buttons initiate the primary click, and maybe something like a shift+left or right button would initiate the secondary click? I'm asking because I mostly use the primary click/drag...
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    Original charger vs Ebay 3rd party chargers

    I got this one: It has worked for me, so far so good after 2 months of daily use, I use both the original charger for work and this one for home, so that I'm using wall-power as much as possible. The one...
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    Folio cases that do not hinder the SP3 stand?

    I use the Moko UltraSlim Shell ( ) currently at $12.99 + the AmazonBasics 11.6-inch sleeve $7.99 ( ) . I agree that the...
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    Advice on Surface Pro 3, please.

    That's true, only when you stack coupons can it be better, student or mover's coupon. One user there apparently got i5 256GB new after tax for $816, but of course, ymmv. WW
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    Advice on Surface Pro 3, please.

    You can find better deals on Example: WW
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    Advice on Surface Pro 3, please.

    This would be an easy answer if you didn't mention "future-proofing" and the fact you like having 4GB RAM. As you know, the price gap between a Surface 3 with 4GB and a Surface Pro 3 with 4GB shrinks, and when it comes to processing power, it's not really a fair fight between the fanless Atom...
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    New SP3 user

    Have you tried Here Maps from the App store? Free, offline, touch-friendly, and excellent 3D browsing and exploring. As far as I know, the App store is the only way to get it, among other apps. WW
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    SP3 PDF Annotator

    Have you tried PDF X-Change Editor by Tracker Software? It wasn't designed from the ground-up for touchscreen/pen, but you can still use touch and pen for basic tasks (highlighting/underlining/etc), and mouse/keyboard for more complex ones (circling, notes, etc). I find it has much more editing...
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    MicroSDXC not always working

    Just an update after using the SanDisk Extreme 64GB card for about a month now, no issues with dismounts or other connection issues that I experienced with the Ultra and Ultra Plus. I would still recommend SanDisk versus other brands, since they back their products with a lifetime warranty, and...
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    MicroSDXC not always working

    Update 3: SanDisk has recommended replacing the SanDisk Ultra Plus with their "Extreme" line. It seems both SanDisk Ultra and Ultra Plus lines have been discontinued, perhaps due to issues like these. I'll update this post when I get the Extreme card from SanDisk and test it out. - WoodSurface
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    MicroSDXC not always working

    Glad I found this thread, experiencing the exact same issues as OP. Just to give some background, originally used a SanDisk Ultra 64GB Class 10 Micro SDXC Memory card, model number SDSDQU-064G-AFFP-A, before it got completely corrupted while copying files to it, couldn't delete or even format...

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