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    New Firmware Update Dec 17

    I guess this is just another bug, i had the same thing with november update (appeared 3 times)
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    Update Killed My Surface!!

    For the battery gauge, I had the problem today, try hold power button and volume + for 15 seconds. Wait 10 seconds and boot :)
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    TouchMousePointer - Emulate touchpad on touchscreen devices

    Try to use the desktop interface more than 5mn only with the touchscreen and come back later. Selection, drag, multi selection is way more efficient with this software than the touchscreen.
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    Concerns and a Warning

    I have this problem sometimes, but it disapears with a shutdown/start or a reboot (this is not the same thing).
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    TouchMousePointer - Emulate touchpad on touchscreen devices

    Hi ! I discovered this software last week and I want to share it with you : TouchMousePointer - virtual touchpad (on-screen mouse) It's an onscreen touchpad, wich can be customized like you want, activation/deactivation fast and easy (one click in the taskbar icon), and surprisely, it's...
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    New covers - Brightness??!!

    It adjusts brightness for the cover backlight and not the screen.

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