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    Surface RT wifi connection issue

    When this is happening with different routers and all other devices work with said routers, this a Surface problem not a router problem. Bug MS, not your router manufacturer.
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    Screen and Lot # questions

    I am on my 2nd Surface (first one had the magnet issue), this one has some slight flashlighting at the bottom of the screen. I have only noticed it during boot, never during normal use. Annoying but I guess I can live with it.
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    [GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

    Writing contracts on the road and browsing. Office is the killer app.
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    Faulty Surface Magnet - This Is Becoming a Nightmare

    The magnets are bonded the tape only covers the magnets. It is the material that was used to bond the magnets to the tablet that has failed.
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    Disappointing Customer Service from Microsoft

    I had a problem with the magnets falling out of the bottom of the tablet the day after I brought it home. I was in a chat with support, they said it was serious and that someone would call me within 72hrs. Before I ended that chat they said it was serious enough that someone would call within...

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