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    Any good first person shooter games?

    This needs to happen soon.
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    Bit Locker Recovery Key

    Has happened to me twice in the past week. At times I'm afraid to do a full shut down because I don't want to have to enter the 48 character key. Per Microsoft Thank you todedwards for the support link instead of chiding us about posting a support question on a non support forum. Linking...
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    Best Image Editor on Windows RT?

    Used Fotor for awhile. Had Photoshop Express on my Surface 2. My current favorite though, is KVAD . Clean interface, good amount of filters, like the special effects downloads, runs smoothly on Surface 2. Windows RT has a surprisingly good amount of image editors on it. Now all I need to...
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    Surface RT gaming?

    After reviewing TouchArcade's list of top iOS games for 2013...i'm sad. I love my Surface 2, there should be at least 5 of those titles available for Windows RT. On mine I have a regular rotation of the following games right now. 1) Halo Spartan Assault 2) Riptide 2 3) Pinball FX2 4)...
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    What GAME do you want to see on Windows RT? (Surface 2)

    delete post please wrong forum.

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