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    July 16 WiFi Firmware Update

    I disabled Hyper V and I still get the limited issue
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    July 16 WiFi Firmware Update

    I'm still getting limited connectivity after this update. I always have to turn off wifi and enable wifi just to get it working out of sleep mode. Any suggestions?
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    How to quickly and easily boost the performance of your device | WinBeta

    no, I turned it off after another member let me know that I could go to sleep mode with it on. And I believe I saw those options for power afterwards
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    How to quickly and easily boost the performance of your device | WinBeta

    yep I have high performance power plan showing up on my SP3
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    Best app / software for recording screen to video

    I use either camtasia, and gaming I use Bandicam
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    New TV Commercial

    I enjoyed the people dancing haha! But the commercial clearly shows what things can be done
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    So...has the SP3 replaced your laptop?

    Definitely yes! It has replaced my macbook pro
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    HELP - SP2 crashed and I can't get it back

    I'm not sure if this would work, but see if making a usb recovery from your SP1, plug it in your SP2, and boot into recovery mode (power + volume down I think). And see what options you can get to. If you can get to the command prompt and see what state your drive is in, you could get some ideas...
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    Playing 1080p MKV Files on Surface Pro quite a lag

    I usually use vlc as well, sometimes it does take time to build the cache, but after that it runs smoothly
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    music tranfer to the surface?

    For me I just right click->Properties on the Music folder and at the Location tab, I just set it to point to my SD Card music folder
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    Any Happy SP3 users?

    There are some bugs that I've been finding but I'm positive those will be resolved in updates. I'm loving the SP3 much more than the SP1 that I had. The screen size really does it for me, and it's the perfect balance for gaming and work. I hadn't had the experience with the kickstand as I had...
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    anyone having problems coming out of sleep?

    same problem, out of sleep, sometimes I can't get a response from my keyboard, or sometimes lock screen gets buggy
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    Waking from sleep: Touch not working

    I have the same problem, after waking from sleep mode, computer is literally slow, and unresponsive. My computer heats up as well. I'm not sure what it's doing in the background. Then after around 5 minutes, it's back to normal.
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    Can't find sleep mode option?

    thank you, I didn't know that about hyperV =)
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    Yeah I only had balanced before, but after installing some updates from windows updates I was able to see high performance under the power options

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