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    Electricty "not clean" issue

    Thanks for the recommendation. I remember from my COMPTIA A+ courses what a grounding strap was, but are we talking about the same thing? One of these things...
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    Electricty "not clean" issue

    I'm the only person with a digitizer, everyone else uses their PCs and laptops and charge their phones, we have a large amount of projectors, too. Nothing wrong... Just my surface :( .
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    Electricty "not clean" issue

    I only get the ones in my room, sadly. And since nothing shuts off or burns out there is no way to get someone to fix anything. Lol What am I supposed to say? My pen doesn't write on the screen but everything else works fine and dandy? XD
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    Electricty "not clean" issue

    Hey everyone, I have a question for you all. At my work the outlet I have my Surface plugged into works fine. I have never had any issues (10 years and going), but for some reason when my Surface Pro 4 is plugged in, the pen "jumps" and skips strokes. I unplug my surface and it works perfectly...
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    Surface Pro- is it new??

    How many battery cycles has it had? It should also say in the battery report. The design capacity is, from what I've seen, normal. I've seen anywhere from 38 to 39.5 from the SP4s I've used. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Sound not coming out of monitor after waking from sleep

    Cool. OK, I'll give that a try: Drivers Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ZIP 160701 WHQL Just wondering, my last update completely removed the camera and windows hello camera... I mean, they don't even appear in my device manager. How can I go about installing the drivers for them if they don't even...
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    Sound not coming out of monitor after waking from sleep

    Might I ask for a backup of said drivers [emoji16]... This is really annoying... I love my surface, but the speakers are not one of the reasons why I got it xD. Especially owning better speakers and other ones built into my monitor which are more powerful and aimed at me!!! Sent from my...
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    Sound not coming out of monitor after waking from sleep

    Hello everyone, I'm having a small issue. I have an LG 29 inch ultra wide monitor with speakers in it. When I have my Sp4 turned off, and I connect the cable via mini DisplayPort, I have audio after turning on my surface. If my Surface falls asleep, and I wake it up, the audio is gone. this...
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    Surface Pen Doesn't Open Windows Ink

    Have you checked the surface app from the windows store? That's how I configured mine back when the AU was released. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Wifi disconnects when plugging in USB to HDMI

    Oh lord... I'm going to pull out a USB WiFi adapter, and let's see how that works... Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Wifi disconnects when plugging in USB to HDMI

    Hi. I just wanted to add one thing. The same setup but with the official mini dvi cable adapter doesn't cause the same issue with the same cables and everything. I can plug in the sp4 to the mini dvi to HDMI adapter to the same HDMI cable and everything is fine. I thought I could minimize the...
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    Wifi disconnects when plugging in USB to HDMI

    Hello everyone! I'm having an issue, and I don't know how to fix it. I got a USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter so I can just have 1 long USB cable running to a hub to plug in everything to my classroom (I'm a teacher) and project the sound, video, and have the USB presenter plugged in, etc. As soon as I...
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    CPU speed always at max since

    Hello everyone. My SP4 IS ALWAYS in turbo mode even when there is nothing running. It causes my device to heat up and it also causes battery drain. I had just reformatted it 2 days ago and yesterday I got the update to anniversary update and now my device is always at 2.92 ghz. Is there any way...
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    The Surface line in Madrid, Spain

    I've been using my surface pro 2 for years. And about 7 months ago I got my surface pro 4. It's an expensive machine, so most people won't be willing to buy it. I use it all day every day and its portability is second to none. I highly recommend it. Sincerely, A teacher in Madrid [emoji5]️...
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    Is it possible to avoid S4P waking up when power is connected?

    My SP4 wakes up when I plug in or even unplug the power cord, and fails to sleep. Multiple times I'll have my device sleeping on my desk (charged and charging) and have to leave and grab it, yank of the charging cord and feel my back warm up little by little through the heat of the SP4 in my...

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