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    Solved No driver for MS ethernet adapter

    Just yesterday I bought a Microsoft ethernet adapter, the one MS sells specifically for SP1,2,3. So I attach it to a known good ethernet connection, and yes the cable works with another computer. However, the SP2 says no driver. I try to "update" the driver, but then it says no driver is to...
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    Another SP2 Mystery Update

    Today an update was offered: System Hardware Update - ‎2014-‎03-‎11 Download size: 205 KB You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect. Update type: Important These updates are released by PC manufacturers to help improve the stability and performance of PC...
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    WiFi Won't Stay Connected or Randomly Becomes "Limited"

    Unreliable WiFi connections with the SP2 has always been a problem, but worse in the last 2 days, immediately after getting the March updates 2 days ago. Every 5 or 10 minutes, WiFi disconnects or goes to "Limited" state. Using the "troubleshooter" connection will often be restored, but not...
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    Odd startup (mis)behavior of my new SP2

    My 4300u SP2 (256GB) has been showing odd power management (mis)behaviors after shutdown and subseqent startup. This machine (lot 1352, 4300u) was not affected by the December 10 FW issue, and has not yet received the Jan 2014 firmware update. What I've noticed is that after shutting down...

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