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    My SP6 struggles with the absolute basics...

    Erm,,, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook, in fact! Word documents and EMail work just freeze after a while - sometimes with black all across the top of the screen and down one side. It's been like this with the SP6 since the beginning. I thought it would sort itself out after settling...
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    Can I use SP3 charger with SP6?

    I have just bought an SP6 in the UK, even though most of my use is in continental Europe. The brand new charger plug has a sticker on it full of stern warnings about how the device must be earthed and the plug fused. I don't want to carry the bulky UK plug, with adapter, around with me all the...
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    Solved Fingerprint keyboard works only sporadically

    I was pleasantly surprised recently to be able to buy an SP4 keyboard with fingerprint reader in the UK (thought it was only available in the US). I'm now using it on my SP3. When it works, it's an absolute joy, but it seems to work only sporadically. More often than not, I'm afraid, it...
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    OneDrive - 'automatic' download of pictures stopped working

    For a while I have been using and enjoying the automatic upload of photos from my phone (Lumia 830) to OneDrive, which are then shortly afterwards visible on my SP3 in the File Explorer view of OneDrive in 'Camera Roll' in a 'Pictures' folder there. A week or so ago, however, this function...
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    Bluetooth intermittent at best - brand new SP3

    Hi - now a couple of days with my new SP3 after lengthy apprenticeship with both SP1 and SP2. Just love it - of course! However, Bluetooth connectivity has been sporadic - I have not been able to get the pen working properly yet. When connected to new phone, the connection drops again after a...
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    Green line and slow updating

    For a few weeks now I've been experiencing a sort of slow, clunky updating of folders on my SP2 with a rather tiresome green bar going across the top of my 'file manager' screen in Windows (see screenshot). Anybody have any ideas what this is and how to put it right?
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    Mail app stuck

    The last few day, my Mail App on SP1 has been sticking - now not opening properly at all. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?
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    HELP - SP2 crashed and I can't get it back

    My Surface Pro2 froze totally two days ago. Haven't been able to bring it back to life yet. Keep on getting this BIOS/UEFI screen and have probably tried all the available options on it - not really knowing what they meant. After that, the best I have so far is a screen saying it is 'carrying...
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    Type cover 2 stopped working

    Have been enjoying the type cover 2 very much. Finally I could actually do some serious work with my SP.... Today, however, it stopped working. Completely. Have tried everything - rebooting with on/off etc. serveral times - nothing doing. Any ideas?
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    Can't copy music files and photos onto SDXC card

    Hi - just arrived here today and have a new Surface Pro. Looking forward to getting to know you more seasoned users. Am trying to copy various things from my laptop onto a 64GB SDXC card to put into the Pro. However, whilst it seems to copy documents OK, it refuses to copy music files...
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    Just Arrived

    Hi all - just arrived and just bought a 128GB Surface Pro. Having some problems with the SDXC card and will post this on the 'Help' Forum. All the best...

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