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  1. TeknoBlast

    Surface Dock, newer model

    I recently purchased a Surface Dock and I ran into an issue with the HDMI to display port adapter. I did a little research before posting here and found out that I require an Active adapter. I found plenty online and I'm going to purchase a couple for home use. However, when I want to use the...
  2. TeknoBlast

    SPRO3 Type Cover Not Detected

    Started as of yesterday, my type cover doesnt get detected. This has happened before and after a couple of restarts, I'm back in business. However, this time it's an entire day that I can get the type cover detected. I searched and found posts about looking into Device Manager going to the...
  3. TeknoBlast

    Runkeeper Syncing Issues

    Anyone else run into the issue where Runkeeper wont pull data from Health? Or the other way where Health doesnt push data to Runkeeper. I've made the connection between the two services numerous times, but nothing. I've even created a new @Outlook account, still same issue. All data shows in...
  4. TeknoBlast

    Solved Win Store Tile Not Opening

    So I have both the Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3. I have no issues with the SPRO3, so I'm good there. However, I noticed the other day that the Store tile wont execute on my Surface 3. I thought maybe I'm missing some updates or simply something is hung up in the system and it will clear out...
  5. TeknoBlast

    Sorting Favorites?

    So has anyone figured out how to sort out the Favorites? Finally they added to import links from Chrome, but the import just randomly adds the links, but not in any order. Thanks
  6. TeknoBlast

    Are Your Favorites Syncing?

    My desktop is upgraded and set up the way I like it. When I upgraded and set up my Surface 3, I notice that the Favorites did not sync in Edge. Anyone else having this same issue or is it suppose to be this way?
  7. TeknoBlast

    Mail App - Turn Off Conversations?

    Loving WIN10. The only pain was that I had to rearrange all my tiles. Other than that, painless and very worth it upgrade. So here's my question. Anyone know how to turn off the conversations in the mail app. I prefer to see each email to have their own line, not collapsed into one. Thanks.
  8. TeknoBlast

    Microsoft Store Windows 10 Event (DFW area anyone?)

    Looks like Microsoft will have a Windows 10 event at their Microsoft Stores on Wednesday. Not sure if it's all of them, but do know the one in the Dallas North Park location there's one and I'm attending. Anyone else from the DFW area going...
  9. TeknoBlast

    MS Band to VirginPulse Profile (Virgin HealthMiles)

    I dont have a Band, but do want to get one in the future. However, I wasnt able to find an answer for my question. I currently have a FitBit Flex, which VirginPulse can connect to my FitBit profile to pull activity data....which my wife's insurance depends on VirginPulse data so we can earn...
  10. TeknoBlast

    Surface 3 Cases

    When I purchased the S3 yesterday, I noticed the Best Buy guy sorting out some cases for the S3. The one I noticed right off the bat was the Urban Armor Gear case, which is my personal favorite...
  11. TeknoBlast

    Someone Has an Surface 3 Opinion.....not a good one. I know it's just an opinion, but my god.... people already trying to tear down the product.
  12. TeknoBlast

    Windows 8.1 For Mom-in-Law

    So last week, I was given the task to fix my mother-in-law's old Gateway computer (Windows Vista). It's actually a pretty decent laptop, but years of downloading games and installing all sorts of software has slowed it down a bit. At first I wanted to upgrade the HD with a SSD. The problem is...
  13. TeknoBlast

    Urban Armor Gear Scout Case for Surface Pro 3 Video

    I posted my video earlier this week on someone's post about the UAG case, but thought I'd make it it's own thread for people to see. Anyways, not the best video, but I think it will help some of you that have unanswered questions. Here you go and hope it helps.
  14. TeknoBlast

    Desktop Recording Software

    What's a decent desktop recording software that wont break the bank? Thanks for your input.
  15. TeknoBlast

    Surface 3 and Surface Mini (More Rumors)

    Microsoft are rumored to be getting ready to launch a new Microsoft Surface 3 tablet, the company also has another device to launch at the same time, a smaller Microsoft Surface Mini tablet. The company was expected to launch the Surface Mini earlier in the year, but they apparently changed...
  16. TeknoBlast

    Freezing/Locked Up

    Has anyone experienced any freezing or locking up on their SP3? Had my unit for a couple of weeks and just today and I had two occasions that the unit would completely lock up. Had to hold the power button for roughly 15 seconds to power down. just curious if anyone else has experienced this...
  17. TeknoBlast

    Heck Yeah, Got my i5/256GB SPro 3

    Picked up the SPro 3 256GB model over the weekend and I love it. I did some minor changes to the start screen because of the higher resolution. It was about the look of the amount of apps for each grouped apps. I don’t like the jagged look where one group has three apps and then other has four...
  18. TeknoBlast

    TapaTalk Windows 8 App

    Just noticed it today, but TapaTalk is out for Windows 8. Looks and works great. If I'm late to the party, sorry. Love Tapa on my Windows Phone and now on my Surface.
  19. TeknoBlast

    Power Cover

    So I purchased the Power Cover yesterday. I did all the updates and let the Surface and cover charge all night last night. Now I have it here at work and it's working fine. Just wondering which battery drains first? I see in the indicator, Battery 1 and Battery 2. I assume Battery 1 is the...
  20. TeknoBlast

    32GB Dell Venue 8 Pro for 249.99 @ Microcenter

    Just saw the newly released Dell Venue 8 Pro (32GB) for 249.99 at Microcenter. Figured someone from here would be interested. Micro Center - Computers, Electronics, Computer Parts, Networking, Gaming, Software, and more!

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